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Power Of Number Oliver Tan Pdf 20 !NEW!

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Power Of Number Oliver Tan Pdf 20: A Review of the Book that Reveals Your Destiny

Have you ever wondered what your date of birth says about your destiny and fate Do you want to learn how to use the Pythagorean method to unlock your full potential and achieve success in life If so, you might be interested in reading Power of Numbers: Discover your Own Destiny by Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan, the founder and master trainer of the Power of Numbers Academy.

Power of Numbers is a book that explains the metaphysics science of numerology based on the Pythagorean chart and its calculating methods. The book claims that just from your date of birth, you can reveal your personality, talents, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, and life path. The book also provides guidance on how to improve your health, wealth, and relationships using the power of numbers.

The book is available in both English and Chinese versions, and comes with a free CD to generate your own Chinese primary report. You can also get a free Life Destiny Report (Lifecode Edition) worth $369 if you purchase the book online or during workshops. The Life Destiny Report is a personalized report that gives you more detailed and accurate insights into your life purpose, career, family, love, health, and wealth.

Power of Numbers is a world-recognized metaphysical science that has been developed by Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan after over 14 years of meticulous research and analysis of over 1 million dates of birth. Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan is also an expert in various metaphysics disciplines such as Feng Shui, Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qi Men Dun Jia, and Face Reading. He is known as The King of Numbers for his profound knowledge and skills in numerology.

If you are curious about the power of numbers and how it can help you discover your own destiny, you can get a copy of Power of Numbers by Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan from the Power of Numbers Academy website[^1^] or from Amazon[^2^]. You can also follow Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan on his Facebook page[^3^] to get more tips and updates on numerology.

In this article, we will review some of the main concepts and features of Power of Numbers by Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan and how they can benefit you in your life. We will also share some testimonials from readers who have applied the power of numbers to their own situations and achieved positive results.

What is the Power of Numbers

The Power of Numbers is a metaphysics science that uses the Pythagorean method to analyze your date of birth and reveal your destiny and fate. The Pythagorean method is based on the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who believed that everything in the universe can be expressed by numbers and that numbers have meanings and vibrations that affect our lives.

The Power of Numbers uses a Pythagorean chart that consists of 9 numbers from 1 to 9, each representing a different aspect of your life. By calculating your birth number, life path number, personality number, soul number, expression number, and other numbers from your date of birth, you can learn more about yourself and your potential.

The Power of Numbers also uses a Lifecode system that assigns a unique code to each person based on their date of birth. The Lifecode consists of four numbers that indicate your primary element, secondary element, primary direction, and secondary direction. The Lifecode helps you understand your compatibility with others, your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and challenges, and your best times and places for success.

How can the Power of Numbers help you

The Power of Numbers can help you in many ways, such as:

Discovering your true self and purpose in life

Improving your health, wealth, and relationships

Enhancing your talents and skills

Overcoming your fears and obstacles

Making better decisions and choices

Attracting more luck and opportunities

Creating harmony and balance in your life

The Power of Numbers can also help you answer some of the most common questions that


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