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Uniquely you: How you can use your unique experiences to impact others: Projects

Have you ever wondered if you possess a unique trait or experience that could be a catalyst for change? Maybe not. It's quite an ambitious thought, and it took time for me to come to this very realization.

After experiencing the mental, emotional, and physical toll that undiagnosed ADHD had on my life, I can now look at this part of my life with fondness rather than disdain. Why?

I realized that my ADHD is not a deficit, but rather a driving force in why I pursued the careers and life path that I did, which is: teaching and coaching.

In the past, I had always viewed this part of myself and my experience through a negative lens. However, today, I am actually grateful for this part of me.

At the right moment, I was incredibly fortunate that God had placed an amazing coach in my life. One who helped me to discover the strengths I possessed and what I brought to the table. His mentorship and guidance changed my entire outlook on my life, and ultimately, the trajectory of it as well.

My experience with this coach showed me how impactful and important coaches and teachers are in the lives of their athletes/students. It made me realize how much I want to be the one to impact children in the way my coach did for me. I know I have shared my story here before, especially surrounding my "Be The One" campaign, but I am living proof that our experiences really can shape how we impact others.

There's a reason my life looks so different from the path of my sisters, brother, or even my neighbor down the road! What is powerful is that you have the ability to make a difference or impact because of who you are and what experiences you possess.

The best part is, this philosophy is for anybody and everybody. So, now it's your turn!

Ask yourself: What experiences, positive or negative, have you had that have shaped you into who you are today? How have they formed your motivations and passions? What are your strengths or gifts? Who can you relate to? How might you be able to make a positive change?

This impact doesn't have to be world changing or overnight, but every impact MATTERS!

So, what's your's gonna be? Join the movement and share your story.

Uniquely you: How you can use your unique experiences to impact others: Text
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Uniquely you: How you can use your unique experiences to impact others: Image
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