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Be the one to make a difference in another's life.

Ordinary people can be extraordinary by investing in those around them.

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Small Ways To #BETHEONE To Make A Difference

#BeTheOne! What does that even mean? After having ONE person, my dance coach Joey, make a life-changing impact on me, I made it my life mission to #BeTheOne to make a difference in another's life, and especially in the lives of the children I work with.

Now, we don't have to change the entire world to be the one. Of course that sound wonderful, but sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference.

Here are 10 small ways you can #BETHEONE to make a big difference.

1) Check in on those around you.

This year has been difficult for EVERYONE. Reach out to grandparents, neighbors, old friends, and colleagues to see how they are holding up. I can guarantee that they will feel cared for and appreciate the gesture.

2) Volunteer Your Time!

Whether to help a relative clean out their garage, to act as a mentor to another, or to serve at a local charity, donating your time is an incredibly valuable way to make an impact on others. 

3) Tell Someone, "Thank You".

This one is so simple, yet it carries a lot of weight. Let both people you love, and perfect strangers, know that they and their efforts are not going unnoticed and are worthwhile!

4) Perform A Random Act Of Kindness.

This is one is wonderfully broad. Buy coffee of the person in line behind you next time you are grabbing your daily espresso or hold the door open for someone. The sky is the limit!

5) Give Someone An Unexpected Gift.

This one can be sentimental or light hearted. From food to cards to a planned day-date together, surprise someone in your life with a little something special from you!

6) Smile At Strangers!

Smiles are contagious. Nothing warms you up quite like the smiling face of another person. Spread your joy to others!

7) Give A Genuine Compliment.

This one speaks for itself. Make someone's day!

8) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Adjust your own habits to give some love to the planet.

9) Get Tech-Savvy!

Use social media to promote organizations, causes, and beliefs you care about!

10) Encourage Others To #BeTheOne!

Together, let's start a movement of difference makers!

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