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The Middle 4x24


The Konus Riflescope Konuspro M-30 1-4x24 is a riflescope from the KonusPro M30 series. With the magnification of 1-4x you can easily follow fast targets that are close by, this makes this riflescope ideal for beat hunts. The built-in illuminated dot in the middle of the 30/30 engraved reticle makes it even easier to find your target. Depending on the circumstances, the colour of the dot can be adjusted. You can choose between red or blue and both colours have five light intensities.

Because the KonusPro M-30 1-4x24 is made of a robust one-piece 30mm tube construction, a strong and durable rifle scope can be guaranteed. Even when shooting with a heavy calibre, the recoil is no problem for the KonusPro M-30 1-4x24.

10) The printed 1/4 MOA reticule adjustments on the windage and elevation knobs did not coincide with the actual function of the scope. I had to rotate each individually multiple times to get the point of impact to move a mere inch or two. The zero seemed to drift of its own accord too. I would have to re-zero in the middle of a battle sometimes because it drifted so much.

I am totally convinced by Vortex Optics and have been using them with no complaints. They offer three bands of product: the no compromise Razor, in the middle the more cost-effective Viper PST and the entry level Crossfire. Yes there is a difference in price and performance, but on the latter front not as much as you might think. If I had the money then the 1 - 6x24 Razor would be my choice for my AR15 and similar. But a grand is a lot of money and you can nearly get it all in the much cheaper Viper PST, which is what I use on my 223 and 22 ARs.

Turrets were pleasingly firm and you could, if you wanted, leave the caps off as it seems unlikely given the shape of the drums and their low height they would ever get knocked off zero. That is how I would use them for range work, but not for hunting. The reticule is set in the 2nd focal plane (SFP) and what Vortex calls a V-Brite, which is very much a medium Dual-X with a free-floating central dot, which is the only thing that illuminates. Alternatively you could opt for the V-Plex, which is identical apart from the cross in the middle and no dot; I prefer the former!

LEM's Collagen Middles Casings are the perfect alternative to fibrous casings. These collagen middles are mahogany, unprinted casings made from beef protein, non-edible with a string tied at one end. The advantage of collagen middles casings is they shrink with the meat, thus eliminating the loose, wrinkled casing you sometimes get with the fibrous. Soak these casings three to five minutes in salt water prior to stuffing.

The EZ4X24 & EZ4X150 grass paver rolls "un-hinge" down the middle of the 4' wide piece. This leaves you with (2) 2' wide strips which are perfect for reinforcing tire tracks in a lawn. No cutting required!

Osprey Globals AR Optic Riflescope TA 1-4x24 MDG variable is perfect for close quarter situations and hunting scenarios. Popular on AR platform, blackouts and carbines due to its versatility, speed and clarity. The Osprey 1-4 Riflescope is popular with all tactical platforms, carbines and hunting rifles.

Hybrid Leupold-produced scope comprises the Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm optical sight with DeltaPoint reflex sight installed on top of it. It was developed for precision mid-range carbine fire using the 4x optics while being equally effective in close quarters thanks to use of compact reflex sight when necessary.

I have the Makita 4x24 belt sander. Of all the belt sanders I've owned, it ranks head and shoulders above the rest. I can't speak for the smaller Makita, but if it's anything like big brother, it would be an awesome sander.

But the risk when using that rotex mode of accidently sanding a round pit in the middle of one's table top! I can see a Rotex for making a very hairy plank smooth enough to avoid handling-spelks, to reveal hidden nail-tops or otherwise rough-sanding the knags and knurrs away before more precise dimensioning begins ..... but a belt sander has been my way for such work to date.

Tomahawk is designed to meet the expectations of every shooter's definition of a low power variable optic. It offers excellent magnification from 1-4x24, 1-6x24, and 1-8x24 all with a tube diameter of 30mm. Choose between two Second Focal Plane (SFP) illuminated etched reticles, Guerrilla Dot BDC or Guerrilla Cross MOA. This versatile LPVO also includes a throw lever for fast magnification adjustments ideal for follow up shots at alternating distances. Tomahawk II is a perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and durable LPVO.

The easiest way to zero the POSP is set your dials on 1 for elevation and 0 for windage. In the case of the 4x24 with Simonov reticule I set the elevation to 0 instead of 1, but still zero at 100m. The Simonov turret is calibrated in MOA not meters like most PSO or POSP's in 7.62x54R. 59ce067264


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