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Since the Angler lives deep underwater, the only way to knock it out is with a Crossbow and Tranquilizer Arrows, a Harpoon Launcher with Tranq Spear Bolts or a creature that deals torpor such as the Tusoteuthis (or a Wooden Club, if you're feeling adventurous). Be careful to not deal too much damage at once, as it has relatively low health compared to its torpor, so it's easy to kill it accidentally. The Angler can also deal a decent amount of damage itself, so be sure to suit up in a full set of SCUBA gear. Once they take a bit of damage, they will attempt to swim away. Be careful if you chase them, as they will often turn around and attack again without warning.

One must first take into consideration the environment that the Angler lives in, the deep ocean. Other animals patrol these waters, making Angler combat or taming difficult. Ichthyosaurus, though friendly, tend to swarm the player and can easily become overwhelming if one attracts the attention of too many of them. Additionally, predators like Cnidaria, Megalodon, Mosasaurs, and Plesiosaurs can attack at any time: even the Anglers themselves are dangerous. Finally, asphyxiation and temperature hazards will finish off any survivors rather quickly that have not equipped themselves with a full set of SCUBA Gear. 1e1e36bf2d


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