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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Cloak [REPACK]

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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Cloak [REPACK]

How to Get the Dark Brotherhood Cloak in Skyrim

The Dark Brotherhood is a notorious guild of assassins in Skyrim, and their members wear a distinctive set of black and red armor with a hooded cloak. The cloak not only adds to their stealthy appearance, but also provides some useful enchantments, such as increased one-handed damage and poison resistance.

If you want to get your hands on this cloak, you have a few options. Here are some of the ways you can obtain the Dark Brotherhood cloak in Skyrim:

Join the Dark Brotherhood. This is the most obvious and straightforward way to get the cloak. You can join the Dark Brotherhood by completing the quest "With Friends Like These...", which starts after you kill Grelod the Kind in Riften. Once you are accepted into the guild, you will receive a set of Shrouded Armor, which includes the cloak. You can also find more sets of Shrouded Armor in the Dawnstar Sanctuary and the Falkreath Sanctuary, the two bases of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

Craft it at a tanning rack. If you have the mod Cloaks and Capes installed, you can craft your own Dark Brotherhood cloak at a tanning rack. However, you need to be in a relevant area, such as one of the sanctuaries or a major city where the Dark Brotherhood operates. You also need some linen wraps and leather strips as materials. The mod adds cloaks and capes for other factions and groups as well, such as guards, mages, and dawnguard.

Pickpocket it from Ysolda. Ysolda is a merchant who lives in Whiterun. She is also secretly affiliated with the Dark Brotherhood, and wears a set of Shrouded Armor when she sleeps at night. You can sneak into her house between 9 pm and 10 pm and try to pickpocket her armor. However, be warned that pickpocketing the cowl is very difficult, as it has a 0% chance of success. You may need to use some perks, potions, or enchantments to boost your pickpocketing skill.

These are some of the ways you can get the Dark Brotherhood cloak in Skyrim. Whether you want to join them or just look like them, this cloak is a stylish and useful addition to your wardrobe.

Once you have the Dark Brotherhood cloak, you may want to explore some of the quests that the guild offers. The Dark Brotherhood has a long and rich history in Tamriel, and their quests will take you to various locations and situations, where you will have to assassinate targets, infiltrate parties, sabotage weddings, and more.

The main questline of the Dark Brotherhood starts with "The Silence Has Been Broken", where you will meet Astrid, the leader of the Skyrim branch of the guild. She will assign you to kill three people and report to Nazir, one of the other members. From there, you will embark on a series of missions that will involve a mysterious contract from a boy named Aventus Aretino, a prophecy about the return of the Night Mother, the ancient leader of the Dark Brotherhood, and a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the guild from within.

The main questline consists of 14 quests, each with their own objectives and rewards. Some of the quests are optional, but they will provide you with more information and opportunities. Some of the quests are also radiant, meaning they will repeat indefinitely until you complete the main questline. These quests will give you contracts to kill various targets across Skyrim, and earn you some gold and reputation.

The Dark Brotherhood quests are not for the faint of heart, as they will require you to kill innocent people, betray your allies, and face powerful enemies. However, they will also reward you with unique items, such as weapons, armor, spells, and perks. You will also gain access to two secret sanctuaries, where you can find vendors, trainers, followers, and other amenities.

If you are looking for a challenge and a thrill, the Dark Brotherhood quests are for you. They will test your skills as an assassin, and immerse you in a dark and twisted story. Just remember: Hail


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