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Existem travestis tão lindas que não podemos muitas das vezes nem dizer se é homem ou mulher. Apenas ao tirar a roupa percebemos se é transex ou não. Homens do Brasil e do mundo todo adoram ver essas levadas em ação.

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O is for 'Ohmigod, this is crap,' the thought that occurs to you in the stalls, half an hour into a film that was promised as "gripping and suspenseful". It's not. You'd rather cut off your arm than watch on. My all-time "Ohmigod" movie was an Argentine treat called La Cruz Del Sur, a work of stupefying misery and despair about a violent, crack-smoking smuggler, his silent, weeping girlfriend, his transexual brother and his dysfunctional parents who live in a depopulated seaside resort on a hill filled with skeletons. 041b061a72


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