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Back in the Astral World, Yuma mutters that Eliphas performed two Rank-Ups at once with the Shining Draw; this must be the Astral World's Dueling style. Eliphas states that only those who aim to Rank-Up can achieve this Dueling. This kind of Dueling should be inherited by Astral, but he no longer has the requirements to do so. Yuma says Astral was stubborn like Eliphas in the beginning, but after experiencing many things with him, he changed (in the dub, Yuma thinks that Eliphas' strategy has him on the ropes because Eliphas can counter what he does and wonders how he can deal with it. Eliphas says Yuma is getting more panicked as the truth starts to sink in; there is no chance Yuma will win. Eliphas also feels the Shining Draw guarantees his victory and Astral's final fate of being erased). Eliphas tells Yuma to look at Astral now. The wound on Astral's chest was the scar Yuma gave to Astral in the first place. Yuma remembers what Vector told him at "Sargasso the Different Dimension Battlefield": the stain that contaminated Astral's heart will not go away. Eliphas says in the beginning, Astral's wound was nothing but a small scar, but starting from it, his body will eventually get corrupted and Astral's heart will die. In a fantasy, cracks from the wound start to spread all over Astral's body until Astral disappears (Yuma's memory of Vector is cut from the dub. Eliphas also says the wound will cause Astral to become a former shell of himself. The fantasy also stops at Astral's completely black silhouette). Yuma insists that this isn't the case; Astral will not die from the poison. Eliphas asks Yuma if he's so sure about that and reminds him that everyone in the Astral World is watching the Duel; he also suggests to Yuma to make himself clear (in the dub, Eliphas says no one, not even Astral, can overcome the darkness within them). Yuma implanted the power of Chaos to the Astral World, thinking he helped Enna and the others, but Eliphas believes Yuma is mistaken. They may look fine for now, but they will eventually be conquered by the power and suffer. To the Astral World residents, the power of Chaos is useless. As Eliphas makes his speech, a crowd of Astral beings gather around the central tower. Yuma retorts that all Eliphas did was run away instead of fighting. To Yuma, if people refuse to fight, they will be weak. Eliphas counters by bringing up the human world. Because of Chaos, people are suffering and commit the same mistakes. Because of this, they are unable to Rank-Up. Yuma disagrees with Eliphas; even if humans fail and are crushed by their losses, they will never give up and continue the challenge. No matter the situation, people will be able to do "kattobingu" (Eliphas does not mention the human world in the dub. Yuma brings up "feelin' the flow" after he mentions helping Enna and the others). Eliphas repeats "kattobingu" and calls it "words of Chaos" ("words of a fool" in the dub). He says Kazuma Tsukumo said the same thing. Yuma asks if his father is really in the Astral World. Eliphas says Kazuma's arrival in the Astral World was a mistake (in the dub, Eliphas says he does not know where Kazuma is after Yuma asks him, but Kazuma must be held accountable for his actions). He reprogrammed Astral to Earth without authorization and sent him to Yuma. If Kazuma had not betrayed the Astral World, then Astral would not have been contaminated by Chaos.

Final Fantasy 7 Activation Code 119


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