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Hairy Cell Leukemia (HCL) is a chronic lymphoproliferative disease which usually responds to splenectomy in the majority of patients. However, one-third of splenectomized patients subsequently develop increasing bone marrow involvement and signs of marrow underproduction. Since October, 1983, we have identified 16 patients with progressive HCL who have qualified for a trial of subcutaneous alpha-2 interferon. Of the 16 patients, the median age was 47 years, there were 12 males and 4 females, and 15 of 16 had had a previous splenectomy. In addition, 10 of 16 had been previously treated with chlorambucil. At the time of initiation of IFN, 14 of 16 were anemic (Hb

Nine patients are eligible for consideration at this point (greater than 8 weeks since initial therapy); patient 6 is excluded and thus 8 are evaluable. Two patients had a partial response, 5 patients had a minor response, and 1 patient had no objective response. Resolution of significant neutropenia was seen in 6 to 8 patients. Objective assessment of the bone marrow showed a marked decrease in the cellularity in 7 of the 8 evaluable cases with a concomitant decrease in hairy cell involvement. Toxicity was mild with fever in all 8 patients, fatigue in 7, and myalgias in 5. An influenza-like syndrome was seen in 4 patients. 041b061a72


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