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[S4E1] Water War

There are, as always with this show, some excellent set pieces, made all the more spectacular in their underwater environment. But the visuals cannot really overcome the stodginess of the story and the rather bland characters.

[S4E1] Water War


The battle to save the galaxy reaches new heights of peril and new depths of darkness. The valiant Jedi Knights and clone troopers defend exotic planets from enemy forces. They wage war underwater, battle across a night-shrouded world and take on the merciless Death Watch. Our heroes are tested like never before as Anakin is haunted by the realities of his past, Ahsoka fights to free her people, and an undercover Obi-Wan braves a deadly bounty hunter tournament. Season Four culminates with the shocking return of a villain from the past: the ruthless Darth Maul, who will stop at nothing to achieve vengeance.

Drummer commands the former Behemoth, now renamed Medina Station, which controls the Ring Space and oversees transit within. She has a video chat with Naomi, where they talk about the strangeness of working alongside the Inner Planets as equals, Drummer's efforts to set up communications throughout the Ring Space, and her healing spine, which is regrowing its nerves with implants after her injury during the Slow Zone Incident. Drummer figures out that they are going to Ilus and she and Naomi disagree on the Belters' settling attempt: Drummer thinks it was foolish and dangerous for them to attempt to settle on a planet whose gravity is killing them slowly, and that Belters belong in space as a culture, while Naomi admires their drive and believes they are justified in wanting free air, water and land for themselves and their families. Drummer ponders that, in one or two generations, they will have turned into Inners and will have forgotten their culture and roots. Naomi retorts that everyone has a right to decide for themselves and, while Drummer says "of course", it's obvious that she disagrees. They stare at each other in tense silence for a moment, before a concerned Naomi bids Drummer farewell and ends the transmission. As the Roci goes through the Ring, The Investigator appears to Holden and thanks him for the ride.[11]

The Edward Israel, a ship owned by the corporation Royal Charter Energy (RCE), is sent on an expedition to Ilus, backed by Earth and Mars. A shuttle is sent to the surface, full of personnel, including scientists Elvi Okoye and Fayez Sarkis. Okoye is extremely excited about the historical privilege of being the first scientists to explore and analyze an entirely new planet, while Sarkis is less enthusiastic. Meanwhile, Security chief Adolphus Murtry is complaining to the mission's commander about a group of Belters he once had to deal with when the company wanted platinum that was inside an asteroid in the Belters' possession. The company gave the Belters a percentage of their gains and filled their water tanks and then were free to mine the platinum, but Murtry seems displeased that they had to settle with the Belters. Suddenly, holes begin to blow into the shuttle and it starts to spin out of control, and it is ultimately destroyed during its landing. Sarkis, Okoye and Murtry are injured but survive, and they are assisted by the Belter settlers.

Cassie's story is the saddest. We see her stressed and serving in the Middle East, having barely any time to video chat with her husband (Nick Wechsler) and son. Cassie is seemingly a high-level officer, integral in gathering intelligence about a terrorist from a contact in a village. She promises her contact a visa to the USA and water for the village, and though the Army can deliver on the former, a devastating drone strike to take out the terrorist renders the latter irrelevant.

Kito sent a letter to the Commander with news on a possible lead. Taimi confirms the lead, and found a scientist in the Inquest that might be able to figure out just what Joko is after. The Commander headed off to Lifeblood Waterhole to meet Kito, with Rox and Braham arriving shortly thereafter. There was apparently a hidden Inquest base behind a waterfall, and the Commander would intercept a Specimen Collector Golem in order to sneak in and find the scientist, Blish, who Taimi knew back in college. Rox and Braham posed as specimen, and thus had to go through a delousing and cleanliness process while the Commander sneaked past Inquest drones to avoid alerting the Inquest sentries. At the end of the lab, a large directory tied to an asura gate revealed that Blish was in Rata Primus. A portal couldn't be opened directly into Rata Primus, but a lab nearby.

After Qadim's escape following the events in the Mythwright Gambit, Scholar Glenna and "the esteemed champions of the Forge" are told by Zommoros to follow his trail to the city of Adashim and seek the Key of Ahdashim. They find the Key has been shattered across the courtyard packed with branded monsters. After fighting through the courtyard and assisting in retrieving the pieces restoring the Key in the fountain, the Key explains the status of the city: Qadim killed the cardinals of water and fire, coearced air and earth into joining him, and currently sits in the center draining the ley line. While the raiders are defeating both cardinals, Scholar Glenna tried to pursue the Key into sharing further information regarding about a powerful pylon. Only after the raiders manage to defeat the last cardinals that Scholar Glenna gave up and took the matter into her own hand by tempering with the pylon using flux disruptors to test her theories about ley line flow towards Qadim. Though annoyed, the Key agrees to aid the raiders and absorbs their power to prevent it flowing to Qadim. After a grueling battle with Qadim the Peerless, he explodes into unbound magic which the Key gathers and then suddenly releases, saying all djinn will together share the burden.

Michael, who had decided to "carbo-load" on fettuccine alfredo and abstain from water, quickly becomes ill, but is convinced by Jim and Pam to continue. He considers reaching the finish line a major accomplishment, and is given Pam's lamp as a trophy.

Elsewhere in the Red Keep, Jaime, Ser Meryn Trant and King Joffrey discuss security at the upcoming wedding. Jaime is clearly irked by Joffrey's arrogance as well as Meryn's sycophantic agreement with the king's bragging that he is responsible for keeping the people fed (Jaime notes that this is more the doing of the Tyrells) and claiming he singlehandedly won the war. Jaime (who had previously noted to his father that thousands in King's Landing alone still want Joffrey dead) points out that the war is far from won; Stannis is still alive and will probably raise fresh armies. Dismissive of the threat posed by Stannis following the Battle of the Blackwater, Joffrey leafs through The Book of Brothers, which details the history of the Kingsguard and those who served in it. He reads Jaime's brief entry and sneers that someone must have forgotten to record all of his uncle's great deeds. He also questions Jaime's ability to serve in the Kingsguard with one hand. Jaime defensively quips that using his left hand makes for more of a challenge.

The North Remembers The Night Lands What Is Dead May Never Die Garden of Bones The Ghost of Harrenhal The Old Gods and the New A Man Without Honor The Prince of Winterfell Blackwater Valar Morghulis

Cassidy Sharp video-chatted with her husband before going on as mission. She was in the military and had to meet a contact who would provide a picture of a dangerous man hiding in the village. Cassidy had promised the woman an expedited visa and water for the village. Later, Cassidy found out that instead of bringing them in, he was taken out with a drone. The explosion was bigger than expected.

After some study from video recordings and Replicator samples extracted from Teal'c's wound, Jackson theorizes that the Replicators are made out of the same materials as the objects they consume, and since most of the Replicators are made out of the submarine, contact with the water will cause them to rust and deteriorate and short out. Unfortunately, at least one of the Replicators is the survivor from Thor's ship, and would be made from materials resistant to seawater, so the team must go back into the submarine and ensure that the surviving Replicator is destroyed before sinking the sub. Back on the Asgard homeworld, Carter suddenly comes up with a daring plan. Because Replicators are attracted to new technology, she decides to use the O'Neill as a lure to draw the Replicators into hyperspace and destroy them by making the O'Neill self-destruct, since Asgard shields are offline when flying through hyperspace. Thor balks at the plan, but eventually relents. The Replicators take the bait and are destroyed. Thor admits that the Asgard homeworld is now safe for the time being, but adds that Replicators are never fooled the same way twice, and that they will return.

On her way back from the party with the founder, Roberta ditches Murphy and runs off. She dodges the Zona security, is fakey nice to people to avert them and escapes to a facility where she tries to leave Zona. But she's trapped after all, as they're surrounded by water. Woozy, she passes out.

Later, in the US White House, which is draped with swastikas and guarded by German Jagdtiger tank destroyers, Vosk shows the German Generalmajor a film of a Na'kuhl weapon, which uses a modulating plasma pulse to destroy a tank. The weapon, which Vosk refers to as a plasma rifle, requires a considerable amount of energy. Vosk implies that the weapon is from the future, where power is much more easily obtainable. The Na'kuhl submits requisition forms of materials which he needs. The lists include great quantities of aluminum and carbon steel. The German general worries that the American military (as most of the country is still unoccupied) may be planning a counterattack against the Nazis. He notifies Vosk that the Germans have suffered difficulties in Africa and in Moscow, Russia. Vosk replies that the Na'kuhl weapon will ensure the Nazis are safe from any further insurrections and suggests the possibility of creating a water-based pathogen to wipe out all non-Aryans, supplanting the need for Nazi extermination camps. Vosk warns the German general to deliver the supplies which the Na'kuhl need, or their alliance will be dissolved. 041b061a72


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