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11 Words/Phrases Of Affirmation For Kids

Words of affirmation are something that everyone desires! It may even be your love language. Children need words of affirmation from their teachers, coaches, and parents! Children are constantly looking to adults and authority figures for reassurance and support. Try these words of affirmation with the children in your life!

  1. I Am Proud Of You.

  2. Good Job With _____!

  3. You Inspire Me.

  4. You Are A Great Big Brother/Daughter/Student/Kid etc.

  5. You Have Such A Kind Heart.

  6. You Are So Brave To Try Something New.

  7. Your Work/Practice Is Paying Off!

  8. You Always Have Such Wonderful Ideas.

  9. I Appreciate You.

  10. Your Team Is Lucky To Have You!

  11. You Are Loved.

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