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5 Ways To Make A Child Feel Loved On Their Birthday!

Happy Birthday To You!

Everyone wants to feel special and like the star of the show on their birthday. I remember as a child I couldn't wait for my birthday because it meant I was the center of attention for the day. I got to bring treats to school and dance class, everyone wanted to play with me at recess, and the whole day was all about YOU! For children especially, birthdays are meant to feel magical. Here are 5 ways to make the birthday girl/boy in your classroom or on your team, feel loved on their special day!

1.Teacher/Coach's Helper For The Day!

Whether they help you pass out papers, be the line leader, or help you demonstrate a skill, allowing a child to be your helper on their birthday, will make it that much more special.

2.Have The Rest Of The Team Or Class Write Them Notes.

This could be as easy as having the rest of the kids write three words describing them, or why they are a great friend/teammate. Words of affirmation mean a lot to children, and especially when they come from their peers.

3.Birthday Hat/Crown/Pin/Sash

You can choose what type of wearable favor best suits your situation, but some sort of item to help the child visually distinguish them as the birthday boy/girl will definitely make them smile!

4.Allow Them To Choose A Fun Activity Or Game To Do.

Present a variety of fun activities or games to do at the end of class for the birthday kiddo to choose from. This is always fun because not only do they get to enjoy the game, but the other kids in the class will be so excited to participate as well!

5.Birthday Treat Or Favor

Of course, kids usually bring treats on their birthday, but a special something from their teacher/coach will make their day! An idea could be to allow a selection from a bucket of favors like fancy pencils, bouncy balls, or candies.

Birthdays are all about giving some extra appreciation and attention to a child on their special day. Letting your child know that you and their peers care for them, is the best gift they could possibly receive!

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