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Welcome to EmpowerYou NE!

Hello and welcome! If you are here, you must be a fellow teacher, coach, parent, or someone who is passionate about the empowerment of youth! In this post, I want to introduce myself, and the purpose and mission of EmpowerYou.

To start with, let me introduce myself!

My name is Mimi Wood, and I am a 21 year old Elementary Education Major from Omaha, Nebraska. I am currently a senior nearing graduation from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. The last four years at UNL, in addition to studying Elementary Education, I have been a member of the Husker Scarlets Dance Team. I have had a life-long love of dance. I grew up in the competition dance world as a member of a competition dance studio, and both my high school (Millard North) and collegiate dance team. I am also newly a youth dance team coach at a studio here in Nebraska called, No Limits, which was created by my two former high school dance team coaches! Dance has not only been a creative outlet for me, but something that brought me community, relationships, and an appreciation for the art of teaching in general. To me, and to most teachers/coaches, the passion for teaching goes far beyond the material being taught. The love of teaching and coaching comes from the desire to make an impact on the lives of the children and families you come in contact with. Teaching is about creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, growing and developing the psyche and spirit of the children in your class, and serving as a positive and constant support in their lives.

The Inception and Purpose of EmpowerYou

No matter what I do, I always want to make an impact. Creating and maintaining relationships, and the ability to be a positive influence through them, are both my passion and purpose. Whether I am teaching math in a 5th grade classroom, giving my dance team team a pre- performance pep talk, or chatting with Husker fans in Memorial Stadium, I am focused on one thing: "How can I make an impact?"

After a lot of reflection, I realized that what I am truly passionate about is youth empowerment.

I want every child to be included, respected, celebrated, and for them to own their power.

Now, I am no child psychologist or expert, but I am a coach, future educator, mentor, and one day, I'll be a parent, with kids of my own. I created this blog to serve as a resource guide and as a way to connect a community of people who also want to be apart of the journey of youth empowerment in Nebraska.

So, who's in? Let's be the difference makers. Welcome to EmpowerYou!

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