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Wanna Buy Dvd

So I was thinking when I am able to buy something I would wanna buy the Star Wars 2006 DVDs with the bonus GOUT DVDs for my collection. Is it worth it ? (I already watch the despecialized editions just think it might be cool owning them)

wanna buy dvd

I agree too SAB! His commentary has always been fantastic! N of course, all the scenes of him as Commissioner- screwing DX/ helping Austin after the RR99 on screen (TitanTron) & loads of other moments would have been great to view!This would definitely make me wanna buy this DVD!

I only know my laptop can play blue-ray disc movies, but that's it. I don't wanna buy foreign made DVD's just to find out they won't work because my laptop can't play DVD's made of a different system. If someone could help me with this that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :-)

If I have to remove region coding to play my DVD, then I'll just forget about it because I don't wanna deal with no potential legal issues and stuff. I'm from America and I just want to play an educational DVD I'd like to order from NZ on my laptop :-P But the person who's making the DVDs wanted me to check if they were compatible for those kinda TV systems. Don't know how to do it, so that's why I came here.

She mentioned the spectrum of strategic opinion between Biden's counter-terrorism, and the Pentagon's counter-insurgency. She mentioned that nobody knows where Obama stands on this spectrum. One salient thought: this is how Gore Vidal portrayed Abraham Lincoln in his novel ("Lincoln")(wanna bet Obama's read it?). He kept his own counsel. He sometimes looked like he didn't know where he was going. In the end, he orchestrated the cacophonous mess as well as anyone could. 041b061a72


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