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Mature Classic Sex 80

Maybe not surprising, coming from a band named after an amphetamine, but the UK group propels the juddering rhythms of its classic 1982 single like a dynamo, chugging through tempo changes while picking up steam for the big finish. The lyrics, about songwriter Kevin Rowland's youth as a sexually repressed Catholic kid, verge on dirty while remaining innocuous enough for your work-party karaoke sing-along.

mature classic sex 80

This classic fantasy follows a story within a story, as a bullied kid discovers a storybook portal into the mythical land of Fantasia. While there are some frightening monsters (built through cool pre-CGI practical effects), the heartwarming (opens in new tab) story is ultimately about the power of kids and imagination.

CW: assault, sexual assault (opens in new tab), sexual violence, racial slur in older version. This science-fiction film starring Harrison Ford is a classic in the genre and a mind-bender to watch. Plus, it's required viewing if you want to watch the recent sequel co-starring Ryan Gosling.

CW: sexual assault, incest. This sci-fi/comedy classic was a blockbuster success (it was the highest grossing movie of 1985) and catapulted Michael J. Fox to certified A-list status. In the movie, Marty McFly (Fox) travels back in time and puts his own existence into jeopardy when he interrupts his parents' meet-cute and is forced to play matchmaker to try to set things right.

CW: torture. The second (in terms of release, anyway) Star Wars film kicked off the '80s with a bang. The Empire Strikes Back is widely considered to be the best film in the Star Wars franchise, and it's still a classic today.

The CNV lesion size, among all lesion subtypes, ranged from 850 μm to 3000 μm with a mean of 2033 597.3 μm. Ten membranes were predominantly classic type with a mean lesion size of 1900 μm wherein the classic CNV represents more than 50% of the lesion size. The other 8 had occult leakage pattern in FLA with a mean lesion size of 2200 μm. As regards the lesion site, subfoveal lesions (n = 11) had a mean lesion size of 2181 μm and while juxtafoveal lesions (n = 7) had a mean lesion size of 1800 μm.

(a) and (a-1) Pretreatment fundus photo and pretreatment FLA, late phase, showing filling of predominantly classic CNV occupying more than 50% of the lesion. Pretreatment BCVA = 20/400. (b) and (b-1) Post-treatment fundus photo and FLA, late phase, at 6 months showing closure of the CNV with only late leakage at its upper temporal edge (BCVA = 20/150). (c) Pretreatment OCT showing CNV with CRT = 558 μm. (c-1) OCT, 6 months post-treatment showing absorption of most of subretinal fluid and reduction of CRT to 248 μm. However, fovea did not return completely to normal configuration.

For the predominantly classic membranes (n = 10), Mean improvement in BCVA was 2.5 lines (p = 0.014, paired samples t test), 2 eyes (20%) showed stabilization and 8 eyes (80%) showed improved BCVA by the end of follow up period and only 2 eyes (20%) required retreatment with the same protocol after 3 months from the initial treatment.

One membrane of the occult type (n = 8) (12.5%) showed stabilization and the rest 7 membranes (87.5%) showed visual improvement by the end of follow up period. The mean improvement in BCVA was 1.92 lines. (p = 0.005, paired samples t test) One eye (12.5%) required another treatment according to the original protocol, 3 months after the first treatment. There was no significant difference between predominantly classic and occult subtypes concerning the visual improvement. (p = 0.853)

Pretreatment visual acuity ranged from 20/80 to 20/400 and the post treatment visual acuity ranged from 20/40 to 20/400, the maximum visual gain was observed in one eye that improved from 20/400 to 20/40 after treatment and this membrane was relatively small (950 μm), and of the predominantly classic sub type with juxtafoveal location.

Our study with combined treatment of bevacizumab and PDT demonstrated that this treatment seems to be effective for treatment of CNV secondary to AMD whatever the type of this membrane (occult, classic and subfoveal, juxtafoveal). In spite of the small sample of the treated eyes but the findings seem to be encouraging. This observation matches the results of Dhalla and colleagues (2006). Lazic and Gabric (2007) reported a similar improvement in both occult and minimally classic CNV due to AMD at 3 months.

In summary, combined intravitreal bevacizumab and PDT as a treatment of CNV secondary to AMD either for predominantly classic or occult subtypes has a positive therapeutic effect with stabilization or improvement of final BCVA and also might reduce the need for retreatment compared to literature retreatment rates of either modality alone.

Treatment for HL also affects the endocrine, cardiac, pulmonary, skeletal, and immune systems. Chronic fatigue can be a debilitating symptom for some long-term survivors.[54] A retrospective survey of 20,007 patients with early- and advanced-stage classical HL treated between 2000 and 2016 (i.e., the era in which ABVD became the preferred frontline chemotherapy regimen) showed 1,321 deaths not attributable to lymphoma (39% of total deaths). Heart disease (estimated excess absolute risk as follows: 6.6 per 10,000 patient-years, standardized mortality ratio, 1.7 for early-stage disease and 15.1 per 10,000 patient-years, standardized mortality ratio, 2.1 for advanced-stage disease) and infection (estimated excess absolute risk as follows: 3.1 per 10,000 patient-years, standardized mortality ratio, 2.2 for early-stage disease and 10.6 per 10,000 patient-years, standardized mortality ratio, 3.9 for advanced-stage disease) were the leading causes of death, especially in patients older than 60 years.[55]

Radiation therapy alone is almost never used to treat patients newly diagnosed with early favorable classic HL.[9] In adult HL, the appropriate dose of radiation alone is 20 Gy to 30 Gy to clinically uninvolved sites and 30 Gy to 36 Gy to regions of initial nodal involvement.[9,10,11] When mediastinal radiation will encompass the left side of the heart or will increase breast cancer risk in young female patients, proton therapy may be considered to reduce the radiation dose to organs at risk.[12] When used as a single modality, radiation therapy is delivered to the neck, chest, and axilla (mantle field) and then to an abdominal field to treat para-aortic nodes and the spleen (splenic pedicle). In some patients, pelvic nodes are treated with a third field. The three fields constitute total nodal radiation therapy. In some cases, the pelvic and para-aortic nodes are treated in a single field called an inverted Y.[9,10,11]

NLPHL (CD15-, CD20+, CD30-) has been distinguished from lymphocyte-rich classic Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) (CD15+, CD20-, CD30+) on the basis of these immunophenotypic differences.[1,2] The largest retrospective report of 426 cases showed no significant difference in clinical response or outcome to standard therapies for these two subgroups when patients present with early-stage disease (stage I or II).[3][Level of evidence: 3iiiA]

Patients with NLPHL have earlier-stage disease and longer survival than those with classic HL.[4,5] NLPHL is usually diagnosed in asymptomatic younger patients with cervical or inguinal lymph nodes; this usually occurs without mediastinal involvement. Bulky disease, B symptoms, and contiguous spread are also uncommon in patients with NLPHL, in contrast with patients who have classical HL.[6,7]

Rio de Janeiro's world-famous Carnival is underway. But in the run-up to the official festivities, locals are already in the swing with a series of free celebrations are called blocos, block parties. Most have a theme. NPR's Carrie Kahn takes us to one neighborhood across the bay from Rio, where the party was, shall we say, of a mature nature.

While there were no opening acts, just a pre-show soundtrack of classic Christmas tunes. Over the course of two hours, the 20-year-old ran through more than 30 songs on a stage that seemed to be fully constructed from LED screens.

She was not shy about displaying her youthful vigor, jumping in the air, doing the splits, jaunting around with the mic stand like a classic '70s rocker. Even while sitting on the floor during slow songs or confined to a small platform atop a crane as she floated around the arena, Eilish maintained her stage presence to the point that no one could take their eyes off her.

Brown's 1965 classic, "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag," became one of the first funk hits, and has been endlessly sampled and covered over the years, along with his other groovy tracks. Of course, many other funk acts followed in the '60s, and the genre thrived in the '70s and '80s as the disco craze came and went, and the originators of hip-hop and house music created new music from funk and disco's strong, flexible bones built for dancing.

His latest release is Cage, the second in a trilogy of annual four-song EPs. The title track is a classic Billy Idol banger expressing the desire to free himself from personal constraints and live a better life. Other tracks on Cage incorporate metallic riffing and funky R&B grooves.

"Cage" is a classic-sounding Billy Idol rocker, then "Running From The Ghost" is almost metal, like what the Devil's Playground album was like back in the mid-2000s. "Miss Nobody" comes out of nowhere with this pop/R&B flavor. What inspired that?

Musically, what is the synergy like with you guys during the past 10 years, doing Kings and Queens of the Underground and this new stuff? What is your working relationship like now in this more sober, older, mature version of you two as opposed to what it was like back in the '80s? 041b061a72


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