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Matthew Miller

AppCode 2018.2.5 Tutorial: How to Create and Run a Simple iOS App

jetbrains appcode 2018.2 is a new release of its popular ide for ios and android development. the new release brings you the modern editor experience youve come to expect from the appcode family with an easy to learn user interface and that's just the start. the beta that ive been working on for the last few months comes with many new features and updates that are great for all the different kinds of people using appcode. these features will be part of the stable appcode release that will be part of the next appcode release in july 2018.

JetBrains AppCode 2018.2.5

i recently decided to get started with android development. i downloaded the androidstudio.the first question i asked was why use it as opposed to netbeans or intellij. ive previously used netbeans and it feels like a suite of different plugins and pieces of software just to get to my ide. plus, i found it buggy at times.

the truth is, i really didnt have any strong feelings about androidstudio. i had tried jetbrains appcode and liked it, so its hard to imagine why i wouldnt use it now. you can install androidstudio from your appcode download as part of the jetbrains jetpack sdk. even if i hadnt liked androidstudio it would have been a good thing to have as a friend for later. then, when i needed it, it would be there as an option.

appcode supports both swift and objective-c for ios, javascript and typescript for web developers, and java for android. before you ask, no i do not know what this means for non-kotlin languages like f#, and no i do not know what does the best to describe this use case. i assume its just another ide that supports multiple languages in a single platform, like visual studio. maybe it uses a different code parsing layer or something. probably not.


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