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How to Download, Install, and Boot Windows XP USB Edition 2010 Portable Edition.rar from a USB Drive

The Bootable Media Creator is the first program we tested to see if it could create a successful Windows 10 USB-based installer. As a quick reminder, we have a short guide to using it up top in case you want a refresher on how to use this tool to create a Windows 10 installer on a USB Flash Drive.

Windows XP USB Edition 2010 Portable Edition.rar

The first thing we have to do is locate and select the Windows 10 ISO file that we downloaded earlier from Microsofts website. In our case, this file was titled Windows 10 Pro.iso, but you should check the name of the file you downloaded to make sure it has the.iso extension.

From the dd command line, you are basically performing the same operation as the Vista-edition x86(1) tool, but you need to point it at an exact location on the USB device, which will be where the image will be written. In this case, you point it at the root of your C: drive, which is the first partition on the drive. It also makes sense to point it at the beginning of the drive, since there will be no data already on the drive if you use a 32GB flash drive as an example.

After rebooting, a setup.exe can be run and the user is prompted to login. It should be recommended that the Windows XP USB Edition 2010 be run as Admin. When done, the user is given a confirmation screen and the installation is in progress. After complete, the image will be ready and, as in the Vista edition, can be uninstalled by using the default tools. Unless you have other needs, the ISO image can be uninstalled by rebooting the system. At any time the user will be prompted to run "live-admin" which can be a temporary fix while waiting for the next edition of WinPE to be released.


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