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Marcus Pulido
Marcus Pulido

FSX IRIS Flight Simulation Software F15 Eagle V11

Minutes after this Top 25 is posted I'm going to get an email from one of the chaps behind this fine simulation of Great War aerial combat, complaining that I've failed to place RoF highly enough or give it the credit it deserves. I will dash off a reply politely disagreeing and pointing out that I still find the sim's campaign element somewhat dessicated, the obligation to log on before career sorties a trifle irksome. I will draw attention to the fact that I've heaped praise on the deliciously lively flight models, the handsome visuals, the bone-crunching damage depictions, and the uncommonly resonant and exacting multiplayer.

FSX IRIS Flight Simulation Software F15 Eagle V11

The history of combat flight simulation is littered with the rivet-studded hulks of studios that perished pursuing the hyper-realism dream. Jane's Combat Simulations, Spectrum HoloByte, 1C: Maddox... delivering breathtakingly detailed warbird facsimiles might guarantee high-brow approbation but it doesn't guarantee success or survival. It would be tempting to think of armed aerial study sims as splendidly byzantine suicide notes if Eagle Dynamics hadn't proved time and time again that they were actually perfectly viable commercial propositions.


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