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IEEE C2-2012 2012 National Electrical Safety Code


Unsplash is this image search engine where you can save and download unlimited pictures and videos for free. You can save them to your computer, phone or even to a PDF. Share them with friends through social media or use them as wallpapers for your device.

Select and Paste is a paste-like web. Nothing weird, just a text- and image-paste feature which saves you some steps. Simply pick the image you want to paste, then you type the text into the textarea above and hit submit. It will paste the text and the image automatically. This is especially helpful when you want to paste a picture into text.

Kaboodle is a free, digital library of books, articles and reports. You can store, organize and read many different article formats: PDFs, DOCs, XML, RTFs, Txt files and more. All articles are available for 24 hours and can be read offline. The website is very easy to use, especially for non-computer people. Just type a search term and hit enter. In the results pages, you can easily browse through all the content.

Creative Commons is a section of the Creative Commons organization out of Massachusetts in the United States. Everyone can contribute to the commons for free. Anyone can create a Creative Commons license. You can use a license to simply allow people to use your work, or you can allow them to modify and redistribute it. Creative Commons offers a variety of licenses. d2c66b5586


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