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Portable, lightweight Roll-Up III digitizers are only 0.078 in / 2.0 mm thick allowing them to be easily rolled for storage or transport to various task sites. Constructed with advanced materials, including a tough Lexan work surface, Roll-Up III digitizers lay flat, maintain a smooth work surface and feature flexible dual orientation that allows the controller housing to be configured on the right or left edge of the digitizer.

buy digitizer

Enhance the quality and accuracy of designs through illumination with Surface-Lit DrawingBoard. The innovative large-format digitizer features a thin panel of LED backlighting engineered for superior clarity and guarantees the highest level of data integrity available today.

VersaTable is the perfect companion for DrawingBoard VI and Super L VI digitizers. This easy-to-install pedestal provides greater functionality and a stable platform for precise and superior designs. All components are adjustable to suit personal preference.

DigitizeIt digitizer software replaces a digitizer tablet. Sometimesit is necessary to extract data values from graphs, e.g. in mostscientific publications only plots but no data values are published. DigitizeIt makes it easy to actually get back numbersfrom such a plot!

Still, the digitizer raises the same question that 3D printers themselves do: What's it good for? At Pettis' demo and now on the MakerBot site, the Digitizer is shown scanning a garden gnome, allowing endless plastic copies to be made. A new video on the MakerBot site shows Pettis scanning a statue of a tiger.But are garden gnomes and tigers the most compelling applications MakerBot could think of? If so, the Replicator is essentially for taking something cheap and making even cheaper copies of it, since most consumer 3D printers are limited to plastic that, even at the highest quality settings, can still have a rough surface. 041b061a72


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