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Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Occult Items

Pisha will ask for two occult items, both of which she's willing to trade other artifacts of similar worth for. One of the items is a fetish and is located in the Museum of Natural History. The other is a book located in the Giovanni Stronghold.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines occult items

In VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines , Unknown items are typically occult items and skill books which have skill level requirements that have not yet been met. Once the requirements have been met, then the item's full name and description will become available, and the item will be able to be used.

Although the skill requirement process for skill books is automated, the Plus version of the Unofficial Patch introduced it for some occult items as well, using a workaround: each occult item is two objects. They look identical, but one is the "Unknown" dummy version of the object with no inherent abilities except for a skill requirement. Once that requirement has been met, the object is switched out with a second version with a full name and description, plus all the expected powers.

Inside this product are fifty new charms, relics, artifacts, and assorted enchanted objects for use in your Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle. Each item is given a description, including a snippit of its history as well as rules for its use. Advice is given on using these occult items in your Chronicle as well discussing the many ways an object could become magical in the World of Darkness.


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