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Mercalli V2 Pro Download 81 ~UPD~

this study therefore provides an alternative set of functions which are able to provide better seismic intensity estimates. this is because, the modified mercalli intensity (mmi) scale uses 2 degrees. this is a measurement on the effect of ground motion, and basically defines the effect of shaking/vibrations on a human with the least possible effort and in the most convenient way. the usgs recently released a new mobile app known as ' mobilemappin ' for ios devices. this app provides an option for users to view map tiles of a specified location or spot on the device's map interface. the user can then overlay the spot on the map map data. by doing so, one is able to view the intensity level of the earthquake on a two degree mercalli intensity scale. by allowing users to scan a specific location on the earth, the maximum intensity of shaking at that point will be displayed as image based on the intensity level chosen by the user (usgs 2018).

mercalli v2 pro download 81

this paper therefore identifies the geographical location and the intensity of seismic hazards in uganda by using the application. to do this, a selected district of uganda will be divided into grids and the intensity of seismic hazards in those grids will be estimated. once all the grids have been drawn and the intensity of seismic hazard in each grid has been identified, a risk map which will present the risk of intensity of seismic hazards for all the grids in the district will be created. by using the risk map, the most vulnerable part of the district will be used to develop a mitigation method. according to the method, the earth movement of surface will be mitigated by propping up structures of affected parts of the district.


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