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Patternmaster Boutique 22 __HOT__

now i will just point out that i am not affiliated with them in any way,just a happy customer, but have a look around their website. they have aGreat customer services, available by e-mail and they have their own photoalbums and chat clients for their customers. plus they've just launced'curves' which is a programme for bras, knickers, swimsuit etc.that said, there are other programmes out there too, most of which can befound here seems to be an american site, but it has overviews and links to most ofthe software sites. i can't tell you much about the other programmes,having not had much experience with them, but i did try most of their demosand just like patternmaster best. have a look though, its very informative.if you do try patternmaster and decide you want it, let me know and i'llgive you the address and phone number of the shop that stocks it here in theuk. i think they are the only people who do stock it (although someone maytell me otherwise) but they are a nice shop and they'll send it to you bythe next day.hope this helps.anna

Patternmaster boutique 22

campden cotton clubisland cottagehigh streetchipping campdengloucestershiregl55 6altel:01386 840 268fax: 01386 840 181e-mail:'re really nice, although i've never met them. i did it all over thephone.i think patternmaster boutique is like 115, and childsplay, curves andtailormade are 95 each, (although they are doing a discount on curves atthe moment for people who have bought another of the patternmaster range,it's like 83 at the moment).anna

i did read your reply to ticketyboo and frankly it sounds like you're leapsand bounds (and then a little bit more ;-)) ahead of me in experience. ifigure it this way, if i can get something half wearable out of theprogramme, and i've been sewing less than a year, you should be off to aflying start.sounds like pattern drafting software might be a good idea for you but as towhich programme, well all i can say is try all the demos, as i did, and justsee which one feels right. they all have their pros and cons, and they allhave their learning curve, so it really depends on what features you arelooking for. for me, i wanted something i could use now, as the newbie thati am, and the programmes with a large pick and mix section gave me this butalso, as i got more experienced, i wanted the option to design truelyorigional outfits, without having to buy a whole new programme.patternmaster had cad capabilities (even if i'm a bit clueless as to how touse them at the moment.) so it seemed like the obvious choice for me. youmay find that you don't want the cad option, and if this is the case, youmay want to look at dress shop pro, which is quite like patternmaster, butwithout the cad. it is downloadable over the net, saving on P&P and if irecall, it's a bit cheaper. like i said, it's a case of what you want andfor what price.hope you find what you want. patternmaster has my seal of approval for whatit's worth. do feel free to let us know which one you choose, my interestis piqued ;-)anna

> origional outfits, without having to buy a whole new programme.> patternmaster had cad capabilities (even if i'm a bit clueless as to how to> use them at the moment.) so it seemed like the obvious choice for me. you


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