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Best Parallax Scrolling Website Download Free

If you want to spice things up online, you should not miss these jaw-dropping parallax website templates. These templates will help create a pleasant atmosphere that increases your overall site experience.

best parallax scrolling website download free


The following collection of website templates consists of the most outstanding HTML and CSS3 parallax website templates on the market today. In addition to that, we also added a few WordPress alternatives, giving everyone a chance to shine online.

Whether you are building a personal or a business website, we have something for you. The options and possibilities are endless. Of course, all the stunning web designs below are also fully editable, so feel free to tailor the one you dig to your liking. Enjoy.

Webify is a parallax website template with many designs for various purposes. With Webify, you can easily kick off a website for a restaurant, online resume, yoga, agency, construction, and the list goes on and on. While the tool already comes with twenty demos, each is also completely customizable. Besides, you can effortlessly mix and match the features and functions of several samples to create one outstanding outcome. Indeed, a ton is possible with Webify.

If you are particularly looking to build a one-page website, Angora is the parallax website template for you. Start by selecting from three ready-made demos and go from there. One features a single image, the second a slider, and the third one a YouTube video. Ensure that the above-the-fold section is enticing and attention-grabbing enough, so it keeps all your visitors around for longer. You sure will achieve outstanding results with a striking page that you are about to realize with Angora.

For everyone in the creative space, Euthenia is the parallax website template you absolutely should check out. In other words, if you are looking for a web design that does not follow the mundane look, Euthenia is surely the tool for you. With this nifty layout, you will easily stand out from the masses with an online portfolio page that will bend their minds. Instead of offering you just one, Euthenia has five stunning and striking home pages, all original and out of this world.

Ukko provides you with a template where you can easily display your portfolio. Clients can quickly view the one-page resume website that you are about to bring to fruition with Ukko. This way, you save them time, as it will take them just a few scrolls to view your skills and abilities. While Ukko already sports a unique appearance out of the box, you can also fine-tune it according to your taste. The drag and drop page builder prevents you from doing any coding work. Meaning, even as a beginner, you will still successfully make a personal portfolio with Ukko. And with parallax elements, Ukko only spices things up.

Moreover, Volvos is a striking parallax website template, with three main demos that are fully customizable. Still, you can freely employ the design of choice out of the box and experience a site establishment that will take you minutes. And you do not need to hire a coder or a designer to make it happen for you. For your information, Volvos also comes with a top-notch support team that is always at your disposal.

Awam is a flexible and extensible WordPress theme for portfolio and agency websites. Of course, it comes with all these special features, functions, animations, and effect, including parallax, that spice things up. If you would like to ensure a pleasant browsing experience, Awam takes care of it out of the box.

Cleanness and simplicity are two of the essential characteristics of Remake. A parallax WordPress theme helps establish outstanding websites for your agency and freelancer businesses. All sorts of different layouts are available that help you stand out from the masses easily. Needless to say, Remake is editable and adjustable to the last detail using Elementor page builder.

With dozens upon dozens of shortcodes, widgets, complete demo websites, and sophisticated plugins, Rhythm is a dead serious template about high-quality website design. Rhythm has been decked out with more than 175 custom-made HTML5 template pages that cover almost all bases out there, ensuring that you will always find the perfect template to hit the ground running with Rhythm. This template has been built atop a solid HTML5 framework. It has been styled with dynamic CSS3 scripting and amazing, smooth, and jaw-dropping Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling features that will dazzle and enchant your audience right off the bat so that your website makes an indelible, powerful impression on all those who come across it. Are you ready to feel this Rhythm course through your website?

Expro is not just your average, mundane parallax website template. It is way more than that. Expro offers flexibility and efficiency for various users in different industries. Corporate, portfolio, business, and other creative websites can greatly benefit from the features and elements of this multipurpose site template. Expro brings quite a solid amount of assets to the table for you to use and create a spectacular web space for your agency or company.

Are you looking for a super responsive parallax website template that will stand the test of time? Solonick offers not just a fully-responsive layout, but also provides other useful features for your new page. As a multi-functional and creative personal portfolio tool, Solonick caters to the needs of various users. To be more exact, Solonick works great with designers, architects, photographers, creative professionals, and even musicians.

Once you unbox Solonick, you get hit with a heavy dose of material that helps you bring into being your picture-perfect website. Solonick also provides eight homes and eight portfolio pages along with superior looks. Moreover, there is an additional music portfolio, enticing parallax effects, video background, Instagram and Twitter feeds, and many other goodies. What are you waiting for? Take action now, download the tool and have your online presence sorted out.

Emily is a parallax website template that speaks greatly of minimalism and simplicity yet packed with features and elements for the best user experience. It is a portfolio-type site skin for creative individuals. Whether you are into photography, design, and the like, you can fully optimize and adjust Emily to your preference. All the latest technologies make Emily so effortless to work with. It is a Bootstrap 4 template with a clean and organized code, so you always know what needs to be done. Or you can hit up the friendly support team, and they will be happy to guide you.

Balkon, an architecture-exclusive parallax website template, is here to please your needs. It is responsive, pliable, and easily adaptable to your professional requirements. With its light and dark skin layouts and six different index pages, you will almost instantly find the look you dig the most. You can then edit it with your content and details or enhance it with your signature creative touches. Balkon is one fine tool that fits you both, whether you are a freelancer or a studio.

Skrollex is based on a solid and reliable HTML5 foundation. It is gorgeously styled and animated through CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies while making extensive use of incredibly smooth, beautiful and completely immersive Parallax visual effects and scrolling in all sorts of elements and features, presented in uniquely creative and original layouts that make Skrollex an excellent template for creative agencies, freelance photographers, professional portfolios, app showcases and any other sort of creative enterprise that needs to strut its stuff online while making a bold, expressive statement in a dashing, hip and trendy fashion. Skrollex is based on a modular Bootstrap design, with a legible, commented codebase that is very developer-friendly and inherent, thorough responsiveness across the board. Get up on Skrollex and feel the new wave!

Kwoon, a full featured template, can offer you the best tools and features currently extant on the market. It contains 3 different Headers and Sliders, integrated MegaMenus, optional One Page website support and beautifully responsive Touch Swipe support. This template can offer you an unparalleled degree of quality that permeates to every Kwoon website and page. On top of being search engine friendly, this template is also social media-savvy, and plays nicely with feed-based services. These feed-based services include Dribble, Flickr and Instagram. Kwoon can serve as a great template for bloggers or freelance portfolios. Its filterable searches, rich styling options, and smooth and sophisticated Parallax scrolling animations can create legendary websites. Kwoon is a template for the future. Are you there yet?

With the right WordPress theme, you can even add complex design effects to your site with just a few clicks of a button in your theme options panel. For example, parallax scrolling is a web design technique that makes the background move slower than the foreground when someone scrolls down your site. It creates a 3D effect that can delight visitors and create a sense of depth on your site.

Built on the Bootstrap CSS framework, this theme is responsive and mobile-friendly so your website will look great on any device. Using the built-in WordPress Customizer, you can customize the different sections on the homepage, including the hero image, projects grid, and testimonials, to showcase your unique products and team. You can also use the parallax background header to catch your visitor's attention immediately.

Himalayas is a highly-rated free WordPress theme that lets you add a parallax effect to your website. In addition to being fully responsive and incredibly fast-loading, Himalayas is also highly customizable. You can customize the color scheme, typography, header, footer, and other widget areas. That's why this parallax theme can be used for almost any kind of site, including business, portfolio, corporate, agency, and photography sites.


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