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The All-New Super Friends Hour Full Movie Online Free [2021]

The hour differed from the previous show, in that it had a different format. First up were seven-minute adventures featuring two members of the main Super Friends' team, either Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman, dealing with well-meaning but misguided "villains" who sought generally to save the world through illegal or unscrupulous means.Next were four-minute morality plays starring the Wonder Twins (who replaced the first series' Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog). These youthful trainees were aliens from Exxor: Zan (male) and Jayna (female) (a.k.a. the Wonder Twins) with their pet monkey Gleek. The Wonder Twins had the ability to telepathically communicate with each other, and shape change. Zan could change into a water-form, while Jayna could change into an animal. The twins also wore Teen Trouble Alerts allowing troubled teens to signal them.Next was a one half-hour adventure with all of the Super Friends. Last but not least were six-minute adventures teaming a Super Friend main teamer with a guest star Super Friend as they dealt with threats of nature or disasters such as volcanoes or storms. Several of the guest stars were three new network-created ethnic superheroes: Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, and Samurai.Interspersed with these stories were several 30-second pro-social tips for the home viewing audience: safety tips, craft-building and magic trick tips, and decoders which gave kids the opportunity to guess a mystery work pertaining to that day's half-hour adventure.CreditsExecutive Producers: William Hanna and Joseph BarberaDirector: Charles A. NicholsCreative Producer: Iwao TakamotoAssociate Producer: Art ScottStory Editor: Jeff MaurerStory: Haskell Birkin, Norman Maurer, J. Kenneth Rotcop, Kerry Cummings, Janat Pringle, Mark Jones, Henry Sharp, Don Glut, Marshall L. WilliamsStory Direction: Alvaro Arce, Cullen Houghtailing, George Singer, Howard SwiftRecording Director: Wally BurrVoices: Norman Alden (Aquaman/Green Arrow/Plasticman), Michael Bell (Zan Wonder/Gleek), Ted Cassidy, Danny Dark (Superman), Jane Jones, Joyce Mancini, Chuck McClennan, Barney Phillips, Olan SoulÈ (Batman), William Woodson (Narrator), Casey Kasem (Robin The Teen Wonder; uncredited), Louise "Liberty" Williams (Jayna Wonder; uncredited), Michael Rye (Apache Chief/Green Lantern; uncredited), Wally Burr (The Atom; uncredited), Fernando Escandon (El Dorado), Ted Knight (sometimes narrator/incidental voices/The Flash; uncredited), Shannon Farnon (Wonder Woman; uncredited).Title Design: Bill PerezGraphics: Iraj ParanMusical Direction: Hoyt CurtinMusical Supervision: Paul DeKorteCharacter Design: Bob Singer, George Wheeler, Alex TothLayout Supervision: John AhernLayout: Terry Slade, Al Budnik, Hal Ambro, Charles Downs, Owen Fitzgerald, Drew Gentle, Jack Huber, Ray Jacobs, Jim Muller, Linda Rowley, Martin Taras, John Walker, Warren MarshallUnit Direction: Ray PattersonAnimation Supervision: Bill Keil, Jay SarbryAssistant Animation Supervision: Bob GoeAnimation Coordination: John BoersemaAnimation: Ed Aardal, Frank Andrina, Tom Barnes, Becky Bristow, Lars Calonius, Constantin Mustatea, Eduardo Olivares, Xenia DeMattia, Ken Southworth, Marcia Fertig, Miguel Garcia, Fernando Gonzales, Russ Von Neida, Volus Jones, Tony Love, Bob Carr, Stave Clark, Joan Drake, Morey Resen, Arnutio Rivera, Ed Soloman, Anna Lois Ray, Bob Trochim, Jack HadleyBackground Supervision: Al GmuerBackgrounds: Fernando Arce, Nino Carbe, Dennis Durrell, Ann Guenther, Michael Humphries, Bill Lorenz, Andy Phillipson, Bill Proctor, Bob Schaefer, Peter Van ElkSound Direction: Richard Olson, Bill GettyChecking And Scene Planning: Evelyn SherwoodXerography: Star WirthInk & Paint Supervision: Billie KernsCamera: George Epperson, Jerry Whittington, Chuck Flekal, Curt Hall, Ron Jackson, Jerry SmithSupervising Film Editor: Dick ElliotEffects Editors: Rick Eiseman, Mark Green, Joseph ReitanoMusic Editors: Richard Allen, David SpenceDubbing Supervision: Pat FoleyNegative Consultant: William E. DeBoerProduction Manager: Jayne BarberaPost-Production Supervision: Joed EatonA Hanna-Barbera Production 1977 DC Comics, Inc. and Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.EpisodesEpisodes are listed in the order they aired on television. Each "Hour" is broken up into the 4 parts mentioned above.The Brain Machine* - When Dr. Crainum uses a machine to make himself a super genius, Wonder Woman and the Dynamic Duo put an end to his plans of forcing his mental will on others. (1-1)Joy Ride* - Two boys steal a plane and take a joy ride, but they get into trouble when the engine goes out. The Twins save them, yet the boys learn their lesson about the dangers of joy riding. (1-2)Invasion of the Earthors - An underground race of rockmen need more bedrock to power their machines. They use laser machines to mine bedrock, causing havoc above ground. The Super Friends deal with the above ground disasters, then Superman and the Wonder Twins separately try tracking the Earthors. Superman fights them off, while the Wonder Twins get temporarily captured. The Super Friends use triangulation to find the Earthor's underground world, and stop their machines and a huge Superman robot built to defeat Superman. Later Superman supplies them with bedrock mined from an asteroid. (1-3)The Whirlpool* - Aquaman and Black Vulcan must go to a stormy portion of the Atlantic and save a captain bent on breaking a speed record. The captain's carelessness endangers himself, his crew, and his supertanker. After getting trapped in oil, the heroes get the tanker out of a dangerous whirlpool. (1-4)The Secret Four* - A hooded foursome wants to destroy energy power plants to teach people a lesson about wasting energy. Superman and the Dynamic Duo stop them and learn that the four people behind the problem were four industrialists who helped to build some of the power plants. (2-1)Tiger on the Loose* - The Twins need help from a girl accused of freeing the tiger from its cage because the animal has boarded a school bus. She is able to calm the tiger down and get it back to its cage. In the end, everyone learns that jumping to the wrong conclusion leads to trouble. (2-2)The Mysterious Time Creatures* - On Chrono, Prime Minister Dictor wants the people to use the power to control time to conquer the universe while President Kalmo wants to continue using that power for good. Dictor turns Kalmo into an old man and sends him on the run in space. The Super Friends rescue Kalmo and let him work safely in the Hall of Justice to perfect a counteracting device against the time medallion. When Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman try to sneak into Dictor's hidden hideout on Earth, they are captured and turned into children! The Wonder Twins try to find their friends, only to be captured themselves and accidentally reveal Kalmo's whereabouts. When Jayna (as a mouse) leads the Dynamic Duo to Dictor's hideout, Dictor accidentally fires an aging beam at the toddlers, turning them back to normal. However, Dictor finds Kalmo and turns him into dust. The team tricks him into thinking that Kalmo is younger again, and in space, Dictor fires on a Batman dummy with Kalmo's dust, making the real Kalmo return to his normal age. (2-3)The Antidote* - Wonder Woman and Apache Chief milk the venom of a giant cobra to save cobra-bitten victims in a village in India. (2-4)Invasion of the Hydronoids - Batman and Robin restore Aquaman's mind when aliens use a mind ray that erases the mind and turns one green on a city, and then Aquaman. The aliens hoped to make all humans mindless so that they will not develop space travel. (3-1)Hitchhike - The Wonder Twins save a girl who foolishly hitchhikes and ends up kidnapped. (3-2)City in a Bottle* - Mid City, its residents, and the Wonder Twins are shrunken and bottled by Mongor, an alien from Planet X-3 who wants to invade Earth. The Super Friends catch up with Mongor in their own rocket and reach X-3. Using the pieces of Mongor's abandoned ship to build two sleds, the "starting five" (i.e. Superman, Batman and Robin, Aquaman, Wonder Woman) are led on a wild goose chase which traps them in a cave. They do find the way out, however, and track Mongor to his base. They rescue the bottle but are temporarily sidetracked by a chamber full of ice creatures. The Wonder Twins short out the machine making the creatures, and Superman gets Mid City back to Earth and enlarged back to normal only minutes before the shrunken effect would be irreversible. (3-3)Space Emergency* - Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl rescue a space shuttle from going into deep space and a space station from going into the sun. (3-4)Doctor Fright* - Superman and Wonder Woman thwart Doctor Fright's plan to turn everyone into people afraid of everything around them. (4-1)Drag Race - The Wonder Twins save the lives of students, foolishly in a hot rod race. (4-2)Day of the Plant Creatures* - A meteor splashes down in the Florida Everglades and causes plants to mutate into strange creatures. The Super Friends are on the case as people are getting infected and turning into plant creatures themselves. Superman finds himself infected when he saves a mill operator, and the creatures are heading for Florida City. Superman and Wonder Woman try to stop the advancing creatures, but with no luck, and Wonder Woman is infected herself. Capturing a plant creature and taking it to Aquaman's lab, Aquaman goes to the Marianas Trench to find floorium, the only possible element which can stop the plant creatures. Mixing it into a spray, he cures Superman and Wonder Woman and stops the meteor's effects, turning everyone else back to normal. (4-3)Fire - Batman and Robin, accompanied by Rima, pursue two escaped juvenile delinquents driving a stolen truck with dynamite in it towards a forest fire. The kids rescue a family at the Pine Lodge campground, before the heroes find them. (4-4)The Monster of Dr. Droid* - Dr. Droid kidnaps Wonder Woman and tries to transfer her mind into his robotic monster, but Superman puts a freeze on his plans. (5-1)Vandals - When two teenagers decide to vandalize a high school, their sister calls the Wonder Twins in for assistance; it's just in time too, for the vandals end up trapped inside a faulty elevator that threatens to careen down the shaft in a death plunge. (5-2)Super Friends vs. Super Friends - After rescuing two scientists in a diving bell from attack by an octopus, two beings from the underwater city of Oceania kidnap Aquaman and the scientists with a muscle control ray. They want Aquaman to fight monsters in their stadium. Aquaman manages to place his signal ring on the beings when they go to find more fighters. The other heroes search for the signal, with the Wonder Twins joining in. The Oceanians catch the Wonder Twins, and then the heroes. When the heroes are supposed to fight each other, Superman is able to use his heat vision to destroy the main muscle control ray. Then Aquaman suggests they fake letting him win, so he can fight the Serpentine monster, while the others free the scientists and Twins. Aquaman's fight with the monster results in the city being flooded, which needs Superman to save it. The inhabitants overthrow the leader who created the battles. (5-3)Energy Mass* - Batman, Robin, and the Atom stop a rogue energy mass and save a Japanese bullet train. (5-4)The Enforcer* - Aquaman and Wonder Woman help a man named Garth-1 to save a unique underwater city (NOT Atlantis) from a criminal known as the Enforcer. (6-1)Shark - A braggart who claims he can dive deeper than anyone else really plunges into major trouble when his diving antics attract the attention of a shark. It's up to the Wonder Twins to rescue the bragging teen and show him that boasting can be hazardous to your health. (6-2)Planet of the Neanderthals - While the Super Friends work in orbit with a space lab, the Wonder Twins on Earth find the people and buildings transformed into a prehistoric state. The heroes find that a scientist who disliked the modern world, had tricked other scientists into creating a time tunnel and an obelisk device that, when placed back in time, changed how evolution occurred. The change has allowed him to take over the world, with an army of neanderthals. Superman manages to send information on the time tunnel to scientists on the space lab. The scientists can then tell the heroes how to build a second tunnel. Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman use the tunnel to go back and retrieve the black obelisk. The obelisk in the present changes the planet back to normal. (6-3)Flood of Diamonds - Aquaman and Green Lantern need to use a whale to rescue South African diamond miners trapped after a mine collapse. (6-4)Invisible Menace* - Capt. Nemus steals Prof. Fairweather's ultrasonic undersea mining device and turns himself, his crew, and his submarine invisible to escape from Superman and Aquaman, but the heroes stop Nemus before the device could cause serious damage. (7-1)Initiation* - The Twins save a boy who tries to take a photo of a grizzly bear, and he and three other boys learn that dangerous stunts are not needed to be initiated into a club. (7-2)The Coming of the Arthropods* - A group of rebellious insects are exiled to Earth and immediately start trouble. Led by Insecta, they steal an unarmed missile and accidentally fire it towards Gotham City. Superman stops it, but the insects steal a mazon energizer ray and the inventor, Professor Evans. The Wonder Twins go along with the insects to learn the plan. After arriving at an ancient temple in the Amazon River, the Twins make their escape. Superman and Wonder Woman try to get in but are turned into lifelike statues. The others make their way in and stop the insects and turn Superman and Wonder Woman back to normal. (7-3)River of Doom* - Wonder Woman and Rima rescue a group of geologists from a headhunting tribe in the Amazon River. (7-4)Attack of the Giant Squid* - Aquaman and Superman have to stop a giant squid from sinking a cruise ship while keeping Dr. Pisces from creating giant sea animals in the oceans. (8-1)Game of Chicken* - Two boys decide to settle an argument by playing a game of chicken on speedboats at a waterfall. The Twins save them before it's too late, and the boys learn that a game of chicken won't solve a problem. (8-2)The Water Beast* - Shipping lanes become threatened by Manta (NOT Black Manta) when he unleashes a beast made of pure water to attack and capture freighters. When the Super Friends learn of the beast, they try to stop it. However, Superman splits away from Aquaman just long enough for Manta to capture the King of the Seas (by scrambling his telepathy). The villain then transfers Aquaman's powers by computer tape to his monster to make it stronger. After the Super Friends fail to meet Manta's challenge to defeat his beast, he demands control of the oceans, meaning no ships can sail without his permission or payment. With a daring plan to rescue Aquaman, the Dynamic Duo and the Wonder Twins go on a freighter to be captured on purpose. Even though Gleek nearly ruins the plan, the Wonder Twins eventually save Aquaman. Upon learning of a way to stop the beast, the team shrinks the beast, Zan changes into an imitation water beast, and Aquaman waits inside the "beast." The trick is successful as Manta is captured, making the oceans safe for all again. (8-3)Volcano* - Superman and Samurai rescue a group of aliens and their spaceship from an active volcano. (8-4)The Collector - Superman and Wonder Woman must stop the Domehead family from stealing the world's landmarks by taking the photos to make them disappear. (9-1)Handicap* - Two teenagers on their way to a fishing trip have an accident, and the one with a disabled leg calls for the Twins' help. After they rescue the boys, the boys learn that one never knows what he can do until he can try. (9-2)The Mind Maidens* - Medula, a brilliant but dangerous woman, wants to have women rule the world, so she fires a will-boosting beam at Elmwood City, causing the women to make men disappear. The men reappear at Medula's hideout, only to be transformed into microdots and processed on computer tape. The Super Friends try to stop her at both a world leaders parade in Gotham City and at an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. The team finds her hideout, but Wonder Woman and Jayna are hypnotized by the will booster and capture the male heroes, all except for Superman, who makes a statue of himself to take his place. Superman gets into the hideout and saves the other male heroes. Before too long, Medula falls victim to her own will booster by Wonder Woman, and all the women are returned to normal. (9-3)Alaska Peril* - After a group of environmental scientists meet an abominable snowman in an unexplored part of Alaska, Batman, Robin, and Apache Chief go there to rescue two young assistants from the monster and the frozen waters of a nearby sea. (9-4)The Fifty-Foot Woman - a female professor drinks a potion which causes her to become a crazed giant, when she hopes to prove the superiority of women. Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin track her. She catches Batman and intends to try her potion on him, before being stopped when her assistant sprays an antidote. (10-1)Cheating - The Wonder Twins help student Jack win self-respect when he helps locate two lost kids, after winning cross-country race by cheating. (10-2)Exploration Earth* - A giant spherical meteor lands on Earth, but it becomes a giant robot intent on taking people and property back to its home planet. One at a time the Super Friends try to stop it but can find no flaw in the system. The Wonder Twins save a boy on a bicycle but are captured by the robot lander. Upon learning that the device comes from planet Zeno, Superman goes there and confronts the rather small people. He takes a second lander to Earth and stops the first one, freeing the people trapped inside. In the end, he sends both landers into the sun. (10-3)Attack of the Killer Bees* - Aquaman and Samurai save an African village from a swarm of killer bees. (10-4)Forbidden Power - Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman rescue Professor Zarkov and his assistant, when the professor deciphers an alien device and teleports to an artificial planet in search of a dangerous Power source. (11-1)Pressure Point* - When a boy tries to jump a dangerous ravine on a motorcycle, the Twins save him before he loses altitude. He learns that he doesn't have to try a dangerous stunt just to prove himself. (11-2)The Lionmen* - Lion-X wants to split Earth into five pieces in order to sell each piece to a planet that needs a certain resource. Taking over a space station, he and his Lion Men fire the Earth-splitting ray, causing major catastrophes around the world. The Super Friends try to get into the station, but Superman hits a kryptonite force field, and Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin only get a small piece of the crystal powering the beam. It does help, though, as three geologists explain that the team must get some rare elements to construct a counter-beam. With time running out, Wonder Woman and the Twins manage to get into the station, but Wonder Woman gets captured and is forced to reveal the plan. Other Lion Men try to stop the others from gathering the elements, but the Super Friends succeed in breaking back into the station and stop the split of Earth with only minutes remaining. (11-3)Day of the Rats - A sonic device lost in the sewers after a truck accident causes a plague of rats. While Batman and Robin follow rat attacks, Black Vulcan finds and destroys the device. (11-4)The Man-Beast of Xra* - Superman, Batman


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