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Jeremy Suggs
Jeremy Suggs

Gay Dungeon Masters [HOT]

When you leave the dungeon, you're David with a vintage comic book collection and an affinity for Asian cuisine. When you enter, you're Sir or slave or Master or dog. You're a sadistic fist pig, skilled rope bunny, or spoiled brat in need of discipline. Sex dungeons facilitate this crossover, this journey of self. They're spaces that let you fully be what you are.

gay dungeon masters

Chains are classic. They make us think of '80s-era sex dungeons and the Saint and classic European dungeons still in operation. But chains get frustrating, as they require you to unclip them and count links in order to adjust the height. That's why many guys opt for adjustable nylon straps with pull tabs to change length. Some have ratchets like the straps furniture users move.

A staple of any gay sex dungeon is a good, heavy set of metal manacles -- usually for the wrists, but ankle manacles are good too. Manacles are medieval-looking, dungeonesque accoutrements of capture, calling to mind damp torture chambers. Locked in these, he's not going far. Pro tip: Always have a spare key close by -- close enough for him to grab in an emergency.

One could argue that an electro play set is not an essential for someone assembling their first sex dungeon -- particularly if you're not into electrical play. I suggest a starter kit, something with low power and low sting.

You might be surprised to find that SM apartments can be found in almost every major U.S. city, as well as some out of the way places. If you're looking to stay Stateside, we have this sound-proofed and blacked-out gay playroom in Oakland, California. It's just as decadent as it sounds, dungeon-style. 041b061a72


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