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The Movement for Freedom of Religions Act, 1993 (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") is more popularly known as "Freedom of Religion", "Religion and State" or "Amendment Act". It was passed through the 1993 general elections. The main objective of the Act was to protect the interests of all religious communities from the inequalities in the field of property, marriage, education etc. as they existed under the Christian religious laws. According to the Act, persons belonging to different faiths cannot be compelled to believe in any particular religion.

The judges of the Supreme Court were appointed for six years by the President of India on the recommendation of a collegium. On the composition of the collegium, the Supreme Court introduced the practice of rotation of judges to different high courts of the country, which was first practiced in the appellate jurisdiction of the High Court of Allahabad. For this purpose, a list of judges suitable for appointment to high court of Allahabad was submitted to the President of India. After careful scrutiny, the President forwarded the list of names of the judges to the PM, who referred to the Prime Minister's Advisory Council. The list submitted by the PM (TNM), which was prepared by the PMAC, consisted of the names of the following:

The judges would be eligible for judicial retirement till they attain the age of 65 years. They would also be able to retire after tenure of 20 years on personal hardship or on supersession, but no later than after the retirement age.The list of judges would be as under; d2c66b5586


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