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Buy Silk Scarf Online

DESEDA silk scarves are made to accessorize life's vibrant moments. Each luxurious, hand-finished scarf is printed in Italy and designed in collaboration with artists from around the world. Welcome to our celebration of the colorful, creative, and chic!

buy silk scarf online


A luminous forest carpet of various shades of fall leaves with a yellow gold sheen. Earthy and stunning, this winterland scarf is absolutely beautiful and of outstanding quality. One can see on first sight, how much craftsmanship and love went into the creation of it. The colors of the scarf are truly amazing and it feels so soft and cozy.

Wear this beautiful print scarf as a head scarf, sash, or around your neck. It is a generous square size. The gossamer lightweight silk material is surprisingly warm, and soft as a feather! (You can give it as a gift, but I am warning you: you might end up keeping it for yourself!)

Own a piece of Art in your wardrobe, buy silk scarves online in style. It is now affordable to wrap yourself in Art with these pure silk scarf for women which are digitally printed from my bestselling painting.

Wear this beautiful print scarf as a head scarf, sash, or around your neck. It is a generous square size. The lightweight silk material is surprisingly warm, and soft as a feather! (You can give it as a gift, but I am warning you: you might end up keeping it for yourself!)

This luxurious silk scarf from our luxury brand is inspired by geometric shapes and is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Hand-rolled from twill silk, this scarf is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. The unique print features geometric shapes with a luxurious finish. The scarf measures 90cm in length and is a must-have accessory for any wardrobe.

Smooth and flowing, the exclusive LORENZO CANA silk scarves are presented in harmoniously coordinated, bright colors. Buy this high-quality scarf / XXL scarf in charming blue combined with a harmonious paisley pattern online at LORENZO CANA. Our pashminas are a feast for all the senses. The luscious and unique patterns of the cloths of natural silk are elaborately made by hand. Each scarf is unique, small deviations from the pattern are therefore possible and emphasize the uniqueness of this product.

LORENZO CANA is an aspiring private label with Italian roots which aims to provide a counterpoint to rapid fast fashion trends by offering sustainable products. We continue the tradition of Italian textile craftsmanship and offer durable and unique products of the highest quality silk and other natural fibers to our customers. All of our products are designed in Europe and subsequently produced by selected manufacturers in small batches, guided by our high quality standards. Since we retail our products directly, we bypass any intermediary vendors and are able to relay the resulting financial advantage directly to our customers. Thus, we can offer distinctive and unique high-quality brand name products at an affordable price.

Whether you twirl it around your neck to spruce up an outfit or work it into an up-do as a hair accessory to hide bad hair days, silk scarves are undeniably the one ultra versatile accessory in your wardrobe. A timeless wardrobe staple, silk scarves can be worn in a myriad of ways to add a final touch to your outfit to complete your look. A simple yet sophisticated way to add intrigue to your style, silk scarves come with potential that knows no bounds. A beautifully thoughtful gift, a versatile wardrobe essential, a collectable piece, our luxuriously crafted collection of silk scarves come in a range of vibrant, eye-catching colors and prints - like our iconic jacquard motifs - and are a timeless accessory you can never own too many of. Read more

A style accessory that is more popular than ever, this undeniably versatile wardrobe staple offers you endless options to style according to your mood and outfit. Combining fashion and wellness, our collection of silk scarves are crafted from grade 6A mulberry silk. Whether you want to use your silk scarf as a hair tie headscarf, draped off the handle of a handbag, or around the neck, the limit is your imagination. Dedicated to creating innovative lifestyle essentials without harming the environment, our collection of silk scarves feature temperature regulating properties that will keep you stylishly cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Read more

An iconic silk accessory that can be tied in numerous ways to enhance your everyday looks, silk scarves also offer a variety of health benefits. Natural and biodegradable, silk contains 18 different essential amino acids that naturally help in countering the effects of ageing, whilst helping to retain moisture in the skin. The small luxury that keeps on giving, silk is also a hypoallergenic material making it much more delicate on your skin. Compared to rougher materials such as cotton or linen, which can often irritate those with sensitive skin and potentially make your skin irritations worse. Our silk scarves are the perfect accessory for any occasion, no matter the season. Discover our luxuriously crafted and intricately finished silk scarves made with the finest silk. Buy silk scarves suitable for every occasion only on Silkism today! Read more

When the days get cooler, stay cozy chic in a designer shawl or scarf from Tootsies. We have carefully curated an incredible selection of designer silk scarves and shawls, from intricate patterns à la Alexander McQueen to warm wool scarves from Rag & Bone. Find an elegant, statement-making scarf that you'll want to wear again and again.

For a layered, autumnal look, pair a wool or infinity scarf with an oversized cardigan or denim jacket, leggings and knee-high boots. To take a dress from night to day, top it off with a silk scarf and flats. From fresh and trendy to effortlessly timeless, there's a scarf for every style. To feel and experience our covetable scarves in person, visit one of our boutiques in Houston, Dallas or Atlanta.

Give your outfit that certain something with this airy chiffon scarf from Basler! An extravagant look is created with floral and exotic details. The skin-friendly silk flows beautifully. Create a spring-like eye-catcher with this scarf by combining it with subtle basics. Experience the combination of the Far East and Latin America with other pieces of the "Sushisamba" series as well! Size: 90 x 90 cm.

My fiance bought this pillowcase for me in Christmas of 2020 to help with my skin and acne. Other silk pillowcases have dyes or added chemicals that have made my skin irritated. However, since using this pillowcase, my skin has improved and surprisingly my hair is healthier as well. My fiance loved the pillowcase so much that I ended up buying one for her. I recommend this pillowcase to anyone that is looking for good quality silk.

The yarn is one of its kind.. thinking we can use in summer and winter too.Once I start knitting don't feel like keeping my project down.Every knitters def must buy and try ..When we are putting our effort and time ..don't feel like buying a cheap yarn.. the silk yarn is a must try.Thanks for the prompt delivery..and helped me out to clear my doubt in the pattern I purchased from you.

Inspired by the handmade mosaic of the Alhambra, this scarf is made from a delicate silk that beautifully displays opulent color. Featuring a classic look, it's a timeless piece you can pair with anything.

Beautiful silk ( medium to light weight) , bright colored, genuine moorish printing and just the appropriate size.Delivered well in time by first class courier service.I receive appreciation every time I wear either of the two scarves in this design. They seem to be statement pieces. The designer sent a handwritten thank you note and a leather bookmark as a gift. This beautiful gesture speaks of how devoted and valued the designer feels with his craft and creation.I am a happy satisfied customer.

This scarf is printed with a romantic, nature-inspired patterns. A thriving garden of beautiful flowers. Drape it or tie it around the neck over a simple tee or a relaxed silk shirt for a feminine take on alternative styling.

A luxurious silk scarf from our new collection, featuring a colorful print design inspired by floral motifs. This scarf is digitally printed on high quality luxurious silk. The rich tones will bring exuberance and class to any outfit, making it the quintessential and a must-have accessory in any wardrobe. Perfect as a gift to a friend, partner or, of course, as a treat to yourself!

This handmade item is a wearable art piece that combines luxury and elegance with unexpected colors and pattern. It is a stylish watercolor digital printed silk scarf that would go with your summer and winter outfits.

Simple, sleek, and chic, made all the more luxurious and charismatic with an exclusive printed scarf from our range. How to tie a silk scarf? It all begins here, at Ilona Tambor, so keep following us for more exciting looks and options!

If you are looking forward to buy silk scarves online we guarantee you this is the best place to shop. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our exquisite collection of pure silk scarves in different colours and designs and pick few of these beauties to up your style game. Your order will be carefully wrapped and rushed to you at the earliest. 041b061a72


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