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Grayson Myers

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kermie:be so kind to provide proof that the story of jesus, or just the bible as a whole wasn't at anytime during it's 300 year journey from seperate books to the cannon of which books would be "in" and which would be labeled "heretics"that not a single thing was:

Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon 720p torrent


umm..that is when you consider the ENGLISH usage......the Bible wa snot originally written in English.....and thus sunrise and sunset can STILL be used a a figure of speech..certainly it is found in the poetic parts of the Bible..psalms, Eccelsiastes, etc....I find no reason to think they literally thought the sun actually rose (the Bronze age people were not not that stupid-in fact there is new evidence from letters and writing of ancient "scientists" who say the earth revolved around the sun and that the earth was a globe, not a flat circle


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