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Apple Closes Store, Restricts Employee Travel Due To China Coronavirus

The closures come after Apple discussed the measures it's taking to protect employees from the coronavirus, which has killed more than 100 people, on its first-quarter earnings call on Tuesday. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is deep cleaning its stores in China, checking employee temperatures, and limiting travel to China to "business-critical situations."

Apple closes store, restricts employee travel due to China coronavirus


This isn't the coronavirus outbreak's first big impact on a major tech company. Apple put travel restrictions in place for employees in China and have temporarily closed all Apple stores there. Google has likewise temporarily shuttered its China office due to the outbreak.

Google has expanded its employee travel restrictions, now adding South Korea and Japan to the list of areas that already included China, Iran and two Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto. This occurred after a Google employee tested positive for coronavirus, according to the company.

As previously reported in TechRepublic, Emma Follansbee, an associate at The National Law Review, recommended what employers should do, and what they should avoid, when discussing travel and the coronavirus with employees: 350c69d7ab


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