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Marcus Pulido
Marcus Pulido

Toad Data Modeler

i am now up to 73 tables in total. i cannot tell you the years i have had to learn the oracle syntax. i am still learning and tdm just now switches in the schema for me and if i do change some of the tags then it looks for the old schema. also, the file is really long (i have to say this because if you are starting to work with tdm right now, why do you want to buy a license?). so, now i can spend my time in the next few years learning more. at 73 tables i have scripts for 30,000 rows. so, i am truly blessed by toad for being able to work with. still there is a good reason to buy a license, the tool is really good.

Toad Data Modeler

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all the tools i mentioned are free. i use toad, too. i would love to hear what you think. i have learned so much in the past 12 months and am happy to be able to share with you. i decided to make this a yearly post, but i do understand that there are many things that can happen in a year, so if it becomes too much for anyone just let me know (i know i will.) license i am using the 64-bit version with the add in oracle database xe edition. the thing i wanted to purchase was the toad extension to enable toad to create or modify data models.

i have a desktop computer with this configuration. i use a pc running windows 7 64-bit with an amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4200+ up to 3.06 ghz, 4 gb of system memory, and a 7200 rpm 15.0 gxp hard disk drive. i use an nvidia geforce fx 5200 video card.

when i got my initial license i used the software and ran a clean install of windows 7. i got the client setup. what i did not like was it took more than 3.5 hours for it to go to the activate screen. really slow. the next time around i placed the license file on a thumb drive. i did not make a clean install.


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