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The Life and Legacy of Muammar ZA, a Renowned Qori from Indonesia

Muammar ZA is a name that is familiar to many Muslims who love to listen to the recitation of the Quran. He is one of the most famous and respected qori (reciters) from Indonesia, who has won many national and international competitions of Quranic recitation. He was born on June 14, 1954 in Palembang, and started to learn the Quran at a young age. He has a distinctive voice and style that captivates the listeners and inspires them to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of the Quran.

Muammar ZA has traveled to many countries to recite the Quran and share his knowledge and experience. He has also recorded many albums of his recitation, which are widely available online and offline. One of his popular collections is "muammar qiroah.rar", which contains 30 files of his recitation of the 30 juz (parts) of the Quran. This collection is a treasure for anyone who wants to enjoy the melodious and soulful voice of Muammar ZA, and also learn from his accurate and precise pronunciation and intonation of the Arabic words.

Muammar ZA is not only a qori, but also a scholar, a teacher, a preacher, and a leader. He has founded several Islamic institutions and organizations, such as the Al-Huda Islamic Boarding School in Kebumen, Central Java, and the Indonesian Qori Association. He has also received many honors and awards for his contributions to Islam and humanity, such as the Kyai Haji title, the Ustad title, the Hafiz title, and the Bintang Mahaputra medal from the Indonesian government.

Muammar ZA is a role model for many Muslims, especially the younger generation, who aspire to master the Quran and serve Islam. He has shown that with dedication, passion, and sincerity, one can achieve excellence and success in both worldly and spiritual matters. He has also demonstrated that reciting the Quran is not only an act of worship, but also an art form that can touch the hearts and minds of people across cultures and backgrounds.

One of the remarkable achievements of Muammar ZA is that he has memorized the entire Quran by heart. He is among the few people in the world who have this extraordinary ability, which is known as hafiz or hafizah. Memorizing the Quran is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of time, effort, and discipline. It also requires a deep understanding and appreciation of the meaning and message of the Quran, as well as a strong connection and love for Allah and His words.

Muammar ZA has also taught many students and disciples who have followed his footsteps and become qori themselves. Some of his famous students are H. Chumaidi H., Drs. Imron Rosyadi ZA, H. Nur Aisah Amin, and Iis Solihat. He has also influenced many other qori from Indonesia and abroad, who have learned from his style and technique. He is widely regarded as a master and a legend in the field of Quranic recitation.

Muammar ZA is still active and productive in his old age. He still recites the Quran in various events and occasions, such as in mosques, Islamic centers, schools, universities, radio stations, TV channels, and online platforms. He also still participates in Quranic competitions and festivals, both as a contestant and as a judge. He also still writes books and articles about the Quran and Islam, and gives lectures and seminars to share his knowledge and wisdom. aa16f39245


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