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Max felt like her world had been thrown upside down and shaken around like a kid eager to find out what his Christmas present was. She had woken up that morning determined to save Billy, determined to get her Brother back her dad back and now here she was in the hospital with him bearly alive and connected to thousands of tubes.

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CBS' "Evil" is one of the best scarefests on the tube. Robert and Michelle King created the new fall series. The Kings previously created the long-running political drama "The Good Wife," the political-horror series "Braindead" and "The Good Fight," their current political drama on CBS Access. "Evil" stars Mike Colter as David Acosta, a former journalist studying to be a priest. Acosta assesses demonic possessions for the Catholic Church. His partner is Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Dutch actress Katja Herbers), a forensic psychologist who does not believe in the supernatural or religion. They have some wild chemistry. We see Acosta struggling with his subverted passions by running while saying the rosary. Bouchard's married to a mountain climber who is never home and is raising their four daughters, one with a serious heart condition, alone in a ramshackle house under the elevated train in Queens with occasional help from her hipster mother, Sheryl (played oh-so-well by Christine Lahti). 041b061a72


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