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Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Lyrics)

Time in Relationships with the true one we love and our families- siblings, parents, grandparents, children, nieces, nephews, cousins literally all- can mostly be spent Chasing Cars or distractions and we never spend enough actual time enjoying each other's company before we are too old or it is too late. Dogs literally will chase a car because they can't resist when so many other things are more important. Live in the moment of each other's loving company, put down the smart phones. Let's spend time chasing phones around our heads!? Right? Our phones are the equivalent to chasing cars in this case. Just saying we love each other is not enough, Let's sit, lie with, hang out together and forget the world... We have each other, there really should be nothing else. Then we will have our gardens bursting with Life before we get too old or it is too late. Beautiful song for learning life's lessons.

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Lyrics)

To me has to do with a sibling relationship, never having a chance to know my older brother whom is deseased. I visit his grave often and really lying there asking him to take me away from this world. Being able to was endless time chasing his toy cars that I have been told that he loved to do.

As my son laid dying in a hospital bed, I would climb in the bed with him. Memories would flood my soul as to when it all started with just him and I. I knew my son was seeing the beautiful garden and I wanted to share that with him. Everytime I hear "chasing cars" it takes me back to that day. Yes, its a love song...but a love that never dies. It's a beautiful that I will cherish forever.

I've heard this song a couple of times before and caught up my attention for I love the melody and the way it is being sung but I dont have any idea about the title, years later I accidentally click and played it in YouTube and I was so happy found out the song im lookin a years ago, as the song sunk in to my mind my heart also break into tears feeling that Im the one singing the song for my ex, whom I thought I dont love that much till one day we broke up and years pass by I saw that person again and realized that I really love and want this person that bad but things had changed and I think my ex already moved on and I am left hoping for him come back to me, as I see him ,memories also flew out my mind the things that we do together, his sweet messages, hug and kisses under the moonlight, all those memories until now is continuing to pull my tears and feeling of love with him, but I know that we don't have the chance to be together cuz we are like in an opposite world and he has his own family now, and now all that I have is our memory together chasing cars and don't have a care about the world around us.ryajPh 041b061a72


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