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Best Cars To Buy Under 25000

Hyundai has been making strides in the market for years, and the Kona is one of its best offerings for the budget conscious. The subcompact Kona offers a crisp driving experience with car-like road manners, a stylish exterior, and tons of practicality. Its balanced driving dynamics complement a nice cabin with upscale materials and excellent fuel economy. As one of the best used cars under $25,000, the 2022 Hyundai Kona is ideal for beginners and teens.

best cars to buy under 25000

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In 2022, the average new car now costs nearly $47,000, so finding something under $25,000 is quite a treat. These seven new 2022 models are some of the best available and will be ready to make your drives ahead a much more enjoyable experience. These models are ready to offer you plenty of performance, comfortable interiors, and modern technologies. If you are interested in not just seeing these cars but also the different SUVs, U.S. News & World Report is ready to break all of these options down for you!

The Honda Civic is one of the best cars you can buy regardless of price. The Civic is fun to drive, spacious, full of useful tech, and a frugal commuter, too. The base LX model carries a slightly higher MSRP of $23,365 compared to the Mazda 3's entry-level model, but for many shoppers, the Civic's extra room might make that money well spent. We prefer the more feature-heavy Civic Sport, which carries an MSRP lower than our budget cap, but we've seen dealers marking up the Sport past this limit. The EX is our preferred trim thanks to its turbocharged engine, but both the MSRP and typical selling prices are above our target. Still, if you have wiggle room in your budget, the EX is the best choice here.

The good thing about spending around 25,000 on a new car is that you get to choose from some of the best value models on sale. While you could spend much more on super-luxurious and tech-laden cars, you'll more than likely find that everything you need is available right here.

Meanwhile, if you're set on getting a shiny new car and you're willing to pay a premium for it, then keep reading to check out our pick of the best value new cars for less than 25,000. Or, if you're working with a tighter budget, our list of Britain's cheapest new cars might well include something you like the look of.

All of the cars featured here gained at least a four-star rating on our road test, and many are also What Car? Award winners, so you know they're among the best in the business. In each case, you can find out more about each car by following the links to our full reviews, or see if you can save even more by following the links through to our free deals service.

1. Kia Optima: The Optima got a complete makeover for 2016 and it has made a world of difference. Those added features and refinements move the Optima to the top of the list of the 10 best sedans under $25,000.

Finding an affordable and reliable sedan isn't too hard in this day and age. Luckily, according to the editors at Kelley Blue Book, there have never been so many low-priced options for drivers before. From sporty models to fuel-efficient rides, you can take your pick of the best for well under $25,000. Here are some of the best:

With the new EV subsidies coming soon, used EVs that sell for under $25,000 will be eligible for $4,000 in rebates, which will make that category of used EVs a pretty hot market segment. So, it makes sense to start figuring out what the best models are, how to shop for them and not get hosed, and otherwise help readers and prospective buyers navigate this upcoming market segment.

\n The make car was produced for the first time at the plant of Mack Avenue following the\n development of make Motor Company in July 1903. In a garage behind his Detroit home in 1896,\n Henry make applied his experimental automobile for first time. The first U.S. branch was\n established in 1911 assembly plant as well as the company's first production plant. He launched\n in 1913, for cars the world's first moving assembly line and the first moving assembly line for\n vehicles was introduced in 1914.\n\n\n The first branch of company opened in Paris in 1908, in the same year, the highly popular Model\n T was published. make had to develop modern mass production technologies in order to keep up\n with demand because the greatest demand for this car. make has long been the world's most well-\n known car brand.\n\n\n PowerBoost has combined the electric motor in the Explorer Hybrid with the F-150's 3.5-liter\n EcoBoost V-6. The truck has a towing capacity more than 12,000 pounds and a good fuel\n economy. It starts the engine automatically and idles it as required to power devices. Onboard\n configuration includes a 2.4-kW inverter that generates 20 amps of 110-volt power in hybrid's\n Pro-Power.\n\n\n The spectacular 2020 Escape comes with four engine options. The base model will have a 1.5L\n Ecoboost 3 cylinder engine with 180hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. It will also be make's first model\n to have cylinder deactivation. This enables it to turn off the cylinder that is not in operation in\n order to increase fuel consumption.\n\n\n This Escape also has a 2.0L Ecoboost 4 cylinder engines that produces 250 horsepower & torque\n of 275 lb-ft. make offers intelligent four-Wheel Drive with this engine, which is coupled with an\n 8-speed automatic transmission.\n\n\n make Edge:\n\n\n The make Edge debuted in 2006, ushering make into the fiercely competitive mid-sized crossover\n SUV niche. After its debut, the Edge has been regarded as a top competitor in the family car\n segment, helping to boost make sales after the severe economic downturn that afflicted the\n automobile industry.\n\n\n The make Edge was announced in January 2006 at North American International Automobile\n exhibition in Detroit, and manufacture began in October 2006 at make's Oakville Assembly\n Complex in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. It has had a small renovation since its release, which has\n contributed to the crossover's success.\n\n\n The make Edge, which is still in its first generation, comes in four trim levels (SE, SEL, Limited,\n and Sport) and three different powertrain variants, including make's EcoBoost technology. make\n Canada also sells a HySeries variant of the Edge, which is powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid\n engine.\n\n\n make Mustang:\n\n\n Henry make II formally unveils the make Mustang at the World's Fair, in April 1964, in New\n York. The new car also made its debut in make showrooms across America on the same day, and\n almost 22,000 Mustangs were quickly picked up by customers.\n\n\n There is only one Petrol Engine available for the make Mustang. The petrol engine has a\n displacement of 4951 cubic centimeters. It comes with an automatic transmission. The Mustang\n has a mileage of 13.0 kmpl depending on the model and fuel type. The Mustang has a length of\n 4784mm, a width of 2080mm, and a wheelbase of 2720mm.\n\n\n make Explorer:\n\n\n The make Explorer is a line of SUVs manufactured through make Motor Company\n that started with the 1991 mannequin year. The Explorer, make's first four-door SUV, was\n once delivered to change the two-door Bronco II. A three hundred-horsepower turbo-charged 2.5\n liter 4-cylinder engine powers the base, XLT, and Limited trims. The Platinum mannequin has a\n 365-hp twin-turbo-charged 3 liter V-6 engine, whilst the Explorer ST has a 400-hp model of\n the similar engine. Trip and coping with are each comfy and composed, however the Explorer\n ST is notably greater athletic.\n","ar":""},"used_listing_mitsubishi___uae":"en":"\n make began in 1870 as a shipping company. However, they did not begin producing\n vehicles until 1917, when make Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. produced the make Model A.\n\n\n make resumed vehicle production after the war ended. In 1934, make Shipbuilding\n and make Aircraft Company merged to form make Heavy Industries. The Silver\n Pigeon, a scooter, and the Mizushima, a three-wheeled cargo vehicle, were created. However, in\n 1950, the Allies ordered the dissolution of family-controlled conglomerates such as make.\n make Heavy Industries was divided into three regional businesses: Central Japan Heavy\n Industries, East Japan Heavy Industries, and West Japan Heavy Industries. Each of these\n businesses produced automobiles. East Japan Heavy-Industries began importing and selling a\n low-cost American sedan in knockdown kit forms for the duration of the production run. The\n PX33 was Japan's first passenger car with full-time four-wheel drive.\n\n\n make Autonomous Car:\n\n\n TOKYO, 21 October 2019 \u2013 make Heavy industries Corporation (TOKYO: 6503)\n confirmed recently that the newest release of the xAUTO, a vehicle capable of autonomous\n driving on surface roads without high-definition maps and automated parking both indoors and\n outdoors, will be on display at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019, which will be held at the\n Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex from October 24 to November 4. The xAUTO is a\n demonstration vehicle equipped with cutting-edge make Electric autonomous driving\n technologies.\n\n\n make Electric's self-driving system makes use of sensor-fusion technologies such as\n peripheral sensors, millimeter-wave radar and cameras, and so on, as well as infrastructure-\n assisted technologies such as Quasi Zenith Satellite System Centimeter Level Augmentation\n Service (CLAS) signals and high-definition three-dimensional maps. The system has been tested\n on actual surface roads near Tokyo's waterfront and in the northern city of Tsukuba and it can\n now drive on surface roads without high-definition maps and park autonomously both indoors\n and outdoors. make Electric anticipates that fully autonomous driving will be possible in\n the future.\n\n\n make Electric Cars:\n\n\n The make i-MiEV, the world's first highway-capable electric vehicle, was introduced in\n multiple markets worldwide in 2009. This unique make electric car made its U.S. debut a\n short time later, in 2012, under the name make I and was named the American Council for\n an Energy-Efficient Economy's \"Greenest Vehicle of the Year\".\n\n\n In 2009, the make i-MiEV, the world's first highway-capable electric vehicle, was released\n in a number of markets around the world. This one-of-a-kind make electric car debuted in\n the United States a few years later, in 2012, as the make I, and was named the American\n Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's \"Greenest Vehicle of the Year. \"The i-MiEV was\n named after the technology that enabled the vehicle's creation: make's innovative Electric\n Vehicle technology.\n\n\n make Pajero:\n\n\n Pajero has redefined the 4WD since 1983, from Dakar to the Outback. Pajero is designed to\n dominate the grueling Dakar Rally, and it triumphs over the most difficult trails with bold styling\n that stands out wherever you go. The powerful turbo diesel engine and Super Select II 4WD\n system of the Pajero perform admirably in all conditions, with impressive towing capacity and\n dynamic performance on and off the road. The luxurious interior of the Pajero demonstrates that\n you don't have to sacrifice comfort to tackle any terrain.\n\n\n Second Generation (1991-2008, NJ-NH Series)\n\n\n make followed up on the success of the NA-NG series with the second generation Pajero.\n The Pajero now had more creature comforts and, thanks to softer lines and curves, made the first\n model look decidedly basic. That didn't mean make loosened the grip on this 4x4.\n\n\n The NJ Pajero, which was still manufactured in the Philippines, introduced the Super Select\n 4WD system as well as a significantly improved interior over the first generation. It kept the\n utilitarian look of the first generation, but with softer curves. The second-generation Pajero,\n according to owner Mark Magbanua, is a rugged-looking yet elegant SUV. \u201cIt was the best-\n looking SUV I'd ever seen. I recall reading an article in the US magazine 'Motor Trend' in 1993\n that compared various SUVs. The size of the US Montero was insignificant in comparison to its\n American counterparts, but I thought it looked the best. Furthermore, I thought it had the best\n dashboard, with its signature tri-gauge cluster in the center of the cockpit,\u201d Mark said.\n\n\n make Lancer:\n\n\n The make Lancer, a sedan introduced in February 1973, is the vehicle that cemented\n make Motors' stellar reputation in motorsports. It was the first make car to be sold in\n Europe (1975), won its first rally (1973), and was certified as having a low-pollution engine\n (1973). The Lancer is a small passenger car that goes above and beyond.\n\n\n make Clean Air technology was used to power the Lancer's engines. In 1973, it was the first\n car to be certified as having a low-pollution engine by the US Environmental Protection Agency.\n The Lancer was created to make even long drives more comfortable. It featured a tilt-adjust\n steering column, a 45L fuel tank, all-season ventilation, disc brakes, and a vacuum servo (also\n known as a power booster or power brake) to assist the driver's braking force.\n\n\n make Eclipse Cross:\n\n\n The make Eclipse Cross is a compact crossover that represents the new breed of SUV, intelligent, defiant, and\n powerful, and its backstory is quite remarkable.\n\n\n The make Eclipse Cross, which was inspired by the brand's philosophy of \"honesty, robustness, and Japanese\n craftsmanship,\" brings the balance of sport and style to life. The Eclipse first appeared in our world in 2017, at the\n 87th Geneva Motor Show, and it has captivated us ever since.\n\n\n make enhanced the Eclipse Cross's distinct design by developing a bespoke color for the\n model known as Red Diamond. The red coloration, associated with the Eclipse Cross, represents\n the colors illuminated by an eclipse and further exemplifies Japanese craftsmanship.\n\n\n Although the Eclipse Cross has a long and illustrious history, make has cleverly designed\n an SUV that is solely for the modern world. From the powerful driving dynamics to the\n meticulously sculpted exterior, it is clear that the Japanese brand understands the importance of\n attention to detail, which is why the Eclipse Cross so accurately reflects the style and drive of the\n modern world.\n\n\n The LED headlights illuminate the road, while the front design exudes a commanding presence,\n protecting both the vehicle and its passengers on all journeys. Everything the brand has\n incorporated into its model is an important function that improves everyone's overall driving\n experience. The make Eclipse Cross is light years ahead of the competition, from Super\n All-Wheel Control to improved connectivity.\n\n\n make has truly reinvented the SUV, providing drivers with a high-performance crossover as\n well as off-road capability to truly defy the norm.\n\n\n make Outlander:\n\n\n The make Outlander is a mid-size crossover with attitude as well as capability. The\n Outlander is the automaker's largest crossover, providing the impressive performance that\n make is known for, as well as practical space and a refined driving experience.\n\n\n In Japan, the Outlander was first introduced as the Airtrek in 2001. The Outlander was\n introduced in the United States shortly after, in 2003, as a replacement for the make\n Montero Sport. The new make Outlander shared its platform with the make Grandis\n and was available in both front-wheel and four-wheel drive configurations.\n\n\n At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, make unveiled its third (and current) generation\n Outlander. The Outlander made its North American debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show\n and went on sale in early 2013. The third generation featured a new, lighter body construction\n that weighed nearly 200 pounds less than its predecessor. The new structure improved fuel\n economy, making it more competitive in its class.\n","ar":"","used_listing_honda_accord__uae":"en":"","ar":"","used_listing_mercedes___uae":"en":"","ar":"","used_listing_honda_civic__uae":"en":"","ar":"","used_listing_nissan_altima__uae":"en":"","ar":"","used_listing_audi___uae":"en":"\n Before the end of the 19th century, August Horch established a company called Horch & Cie in\n Cologne. In 1902, he transferred it to Zwickau and it became a joint undertaking in 1904. After\n the dispute with the executive members and supervisory councils including Zwickau, August\n Horch left the company and several weeks later started the second car manufacturing plant in\n 1909. Only because he could't use his name as a registered brand did he choose a translation into\n Latin.\n\n\n Autos have started on a small scale and only good-strength cars in accordance with Horch's basic\n principle had developed into one of the most popular automotive brands in Germany. It was\n successful in competition from the very start. In the Austrian Alpine Rallys between 1911 and\n 1914, the international name of make made it famous. The make Type C 14\/35 PS and the Alpine\n Victor have been particularly successful.\n\n\n make Electric Cars:\n\n\n The make e-tron SUV was launched in 2019, make's first full-strength, serial vehicle. Duo of\n America aims to electrify 1\/3 of its product range by 2025, thanks to its compacked MEB\n platform, the mid-size and large PPE platform, the Porsche Sports Car Platform and the MLB\n evo SUV platform.\n\nHowever, make is not completely new to electric vehicles.\nA short history of the electrical milestones of the brand is:\n\n 1989 make 100 before concept hybrid duo.\n 1997 1997 make A4 Avant duo \u2013 European market limited production\n 2009-13 2009 Concepts of make e-tron cars\n 2011 Hybrid make Q5\n 2013 \u2013 make has started working on its strategy for electric cars, which outlines its e-tron SUV\n 2015-2018; Electrical hybrid plug-in make A3 Sportback (PHEV)\n The 2017 Auto Shanghai Motor Show was launched by make e-tron Sportback concept\n\n\n make Plug in Hybrid Cars:\n\n\n make is constantly pursuing its electrification strategy in electricity mode not only free of local\n emissions but also efficient and sporty. The hybrid models A8, A7 Sportback, A6 and Q5 of\n make are presented by the company in the WLTP cycle at the Geneva Motor Show with an\n electric range of more than 40 kilometers. The customer has a choice of a comfort variant with a\n sporty design depending on the model range thanks to the various output levels. During 2019,\n new hybrid plug-in models will be available for order.\n\n\n make is expanding its range of plug-in hybrids for sustainable mobility from medium-sized SUVs\n to luxury sedans \u2013 with its Q5, A6, A7 and TFSI e A8 hybrids. Two different models with\n differing performance and equipment are available depending upon the model series: a comfort\n model and an option with a sporty configuration and a more tightened suspension and drive set-up with higher electric motor boost performance for more dynamic motor handling. The \"TFSI e\" signet is now available on the new hybrid plug-in models. The \"e-tron\" label will continue in future to be reserved for electric cars only.\n\n\n make A4:\n\n\n For inspiration, the make A4 uses the VWB platform. Looking at A4 history, every generation\n has its own chase designation, starting with B5, which makes it easier to distinguish between\n different generations without looking for model years. The A4 remains as a compact car among\n the smaller make cars and over the years has been in several body styles. Popular generations o


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