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Where Can You Buy Kirby Vacuum Bags

Genuine Kirby vacuum bags come in a variety of options to meet your specific needs. From our top-of-the-line HEPA vacuum bags to budget-conscious paper vacuum bags, The Kirby Company can help keep your home clean for years to come!

where can you buy kirby vacuum bags

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Kirby vacuum bags are one of the most integral components to the function of the Kirby vacuum. Their vacuum bags act as a level of filtration in addition to capturing all the dirt and debris consumed by the vacuum. Kirby offers various levels of bag filtration for every model of vacuum they retail. In addition to the disposable vacuum bags used with your Kirby, after years of use the external or outer bag which holds your disposable bag may also need to be replaced.

Your Kirby Home Care System is designed to perform excellent when vacuuming. Your Kirby filtration bag is a major part of your KIRBY filtration system. Original KIRBY HEPA bags are designed to keep the harmful particles like dust-mite excretes inside your KIRBY bag and not released back into the air.

Top vacuums are available in distinctive bagged and bagless designs. Both offer noteworthy benefits, as well as a few minor drawbacks. With bagged vacuums, a commonly cited disadvantage is the hassle of changing bags, which can be messy and time-consuming.

Vacuum filter updates are a core part of general vacuum maintenance, so regular swaps should not be skipped. This simple task is way more important than you might have anticipated. Neglect your vacuum filter bags, and you'll swiftly lose suction power. This, in turn, places unnecessary strain on your vacuum's motor. Eventually, your vacuum will become a lot more difficult to maneuver, not to mention less effective at cleaning your rugs, carpeting, or other surfaces.

Most people recognize the value of changing vacuum filters, but that doesn't always translate to action. It's common to go up to a full year without addressing the filter bags, but this is never ideal. A lot depends on how often you vacuum and the quality of your vacuum cleaner.

At the outset, your motivation to adjust your vacuum filter bags may be minimal. However, pay attention to its performance before and after this swap, and you may be inclined to change it sooner next time. Suddenly, your vacuum will be more effective at keeping airborne particles out of your home. Once you know how often to change vacuum bags, you may notice that you're less vulnerable to allergens.

We are not affiliated with the Kirby Company in any way or manner. We do offer for sale Genuine Kirby vacuum cleaner bags, Kirby Vacuum parts, and Kirby shampoo which we buy from their Authorized Kirby distributor. We are one of the Internets oldest Kirby vacuum parts retailers with one of the nets largest selection of Kirby vacuum parts. We sell Genuine Kirby Vacuum Bags, Kirby vacuum belts , and Kirby vacuum brush rollers. Great Savings on all Kirby Bags and Kirby parts.

We offer a great variety of Kirby vacuum bags to fit all models. From the older style 1 and style 2 to the Heritage and Generation series vacuums. The newer Kirby model Diamond Edition, Ultimate G, Sentria, and Avalir will use the higher filtration vacuum bags for better efficiency of indoor air quality.

These Kirby vacuum bags reduce common household dust pollen, mites and other particles. Electrostatically charged material traps micron particle matter. Universal Style bag fits both F-style and Twist-style Kirby models.

All the vacuum bags, filters, belts, parts, home fragrance products and cleaning supplies you need are at Capital Vacuum Floor-Care World 1666 North Market Drive in Raleigh NC (919) 878-8530 and 209 E Chatham Street in Cary NC (919) 467-2834. Family-owned since 1953. Be smart, buy where you get local service!

There are many different vacuum cleaner bags on the market. Use only cleaner bags. Only original vacuum cleaner bags are 100% reliable and specially made for your Kirby. Kirby vacuum cleaner bags are guaranteed to have the best absorption capacity and a lasting good filtering and air circulation. The original Kirby vacuum cleaner bags consist of tightly woven layers and possess a filtering capacity of 99,97%. No other own brand vacuum cleaner bag has the same quality as the patented Kirby vacuum cleaner bags and they may cause damage to your Kirby.

Removes tot 98.90% house dust, pollen, mites and other particles.Easy to install and to remove.This cleaner bag consists of one layer, a thick woven paper outer bag.The Kirby vacuum cleaner bags Allergen are available in the following packages: 12 pieces and 6 piecesThese bags are not suitable for people with allergies.

Kirby vacuum cleaner bags you can easily order online at and have it delivered quickly. First select your model in the overview and be sure to buy the right bags. We offer different qualities and different quantities per type. They are packed per package of 2, 3, 6 or 9 pieces. There are also various attractive discounts when purchasing a double pack in the largest pack size.

Depending on your situation and wishes, we can offer you the choice of a good or the best quality. Do you have allergies or do you simply want the best for your Kirby and its environment? Then we advise you to choose the HEPA PLUS filters, the woven white bags. The white bags with HEPA plus Filtration are made of a different material and have extra filter layers compared to the normal Micron Magic Filtration bags. The cheapest Kirby vacuum cleaner bags are the Micron Magic filtration bags. These are made of a single layer of paper plus one filter layer on the inside. A fine quality for the lowest price.

Kirby vacuum cleaner bags ensures maximum airflow until it is filled to the wide black line halfway down the bag. The remaining space is used to be able to filter the sucked air over as large a surface area as possible and to blow it outside. So the bag is in fact a large filter and dirt storage in one! The Kirby has no other filters. So you never need to buy any. Another big additional advantage of filter and bag in one: you can never forget to change the filter.

Kirby vacuum cleaner bags is intended for single use. All types have a good to very good absorption capacity without the suction power decreasing. Every bag is ultimately equally advantageous to use. They all have approximately the same capacity and they normally last the same amount of time. But if you want to be sure that no fine dust particles will get through the bag, we recommend the Micron Magic HEPA filter Plus.

Because the suction power will not decrease as the bag fills up, you will get the most out of each bag. It is therefore not remarkable that 1 bag lasts at least 2 to sometimes even 6 months. Of course it depends strongly on in which extent and in which regularity the Kirby is used. We here also naturally assume that one uses the original Kirby vacuum cleaner bags . With this knowledge these are indeed affordable Kirby bags!

You can only buy original Kirby vacuum cleaner bags from us. Only then can we guarantee optimal performances such as conservation of suction power, life span and absorption capacity. These bags have after all been specially made and tested by the manufacturer for your Kirby model. There is a special connection on the connection as a result of which only the original bag is guaranteed to fit 100% correctly.

One of the key features is the amount of suction the motor generates. Beginning in the 1950s, owners manuals listed an innovation the company called "Triple-Cushion Vibration" rug cleaning action.[8] The current Avalir 2 has been given an airflow rating of 132 Cubic feet per minute, which allows it to lift the carpet off the floor, flexing the surface to be cleaned, whereby the brush roll that spins at 3,200 RPM agitates and lifts the dirt, while grooming the carpet fibers from the base of the carpet. The owners manual recommend that the carpet nozzle be lowered close enough to the surface so as to maintain a secure suction and minimize breaking the suction while cleaning the carpet.[9] Another feature of the Kirby system is the modular design of both vacuum and accessories, allowing machines to be configured for numerous uses, from normal floor cleaning, tile surface scrubbing, wet floor mopping, to furniture shampooing and as a compact, handheld vacuum with extension hose attachments for various cleaning chores. This versatility also provides for add-on sales or bundling of the complete system.

These attachments are still offered and the floor buffer was updated in the mid-1960s with a dry foam carpet shampoo attachment Kirby called the "Rug Renovator" that was first introduced with the two speed motor on the Dual Sanitronic 50 and is also still available. The carpet shampoo cleaning solution is in a clear tank that attaches to the motor exhaust where the dirt collection bag is attached as a vacuum cleaner, and uses compressed air generated by the electric motor. A plastic tube then sends the shampoo to the carpet scrubber brush that agitates the surface to be cleaned.

All models used a cloth bag that allowed airflow to pass through and clean the air exiting the machine. Earlier versions of the cloth bag used dense duvetyne, and later corduroy cotton and wool fabric bags where fine grit, dander and other foreign contaminants collected. The cotton bag briefly had an integrated cleaning pocket within, called the "Sani-Pocket" introduced in 1964 with the Sanitronic, where embedded dirt could be dislodged from the interior surface of the bag while keeping the dirt contained inside. The owners manual for the cloth bag equipped machines recommended that the cloth bag be emptied after cleaning had been finished, to avoid dirt, fungus and bacteria from setting in the fibers of the bag, and preparing the machine for the next time. 041b061a72


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