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Ellie Goulding - Easy Lover Feat Big Sean Ft. Big Sean [UPDATED]

The song "Easy Lover" by Ellie Goulding featuring Big Sean expresses the complexity of a romantic relationship that has had its fair share of ups and downs. The lyrics convey the idea that love isn't always easy, particularly when the couple in question have given all they have to each other. While they are still young, they experience difficulties recovering from their problems and facing their differences. Despite their struggles, they continue to hold on to their love for each other and seek to reconcile.Ellie Goulding's verses suggest that she wants her lover to be closer to her, yet he always seems to distance himself further. Nevertheless, she finds herself being drawn back to him repeatedly, unable to resist the pull. On the other hand, Big Sean's verse reflects on the challenges they have faced in their relationship and their attempts to move forward. He acknowledges their differences but maintains that they are still a match and that he needs her in his life.The repeated chorus "Easy lover" refers to the fact that the couple has been through so much that it's become somewhat easier for them to address their issues and remain together. They don't want to be cruel to each other, but they know how to hurt each other, and that creates obstacles for their relationship.Overall, "Easy Lover" is a beautiful ballad that explores the challenges and complexities of love and relationships. It suggests that love is never easy but is worth it if both parties can work together to overcome their issues and nurture their bond.

Ellie Goulding - Easy Lover feat Big Sean ft. Big Sean



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