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Teach Yourself Esperanto

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And the issue of discrimination, equal opportunities, economic cost, etcEsperanto is the tenth expensive in time and money to learn. It is far less discriminatory by nationality and income, language immersion in a particular culture is not necessary.Who will pay me 60,000 euros for a monolingual English private school with native teachers for each child Will you beRead "Rapport Grin" and "Propaedeutic value of Esperanto". You have a new course of Esperanto in Duolingo, it is free.

I have many Esperantist friends, and they come of the whole political spectrum. Perhaps in the Western countries there is a majority of left-leaning tendencies, but this is by no means the whole picture.I always emphasize this pluralism and even wrote a bog entry about it: -pluralismo-del-esperanto.htm (in Spanish) to break that myth.

Therefore, my impression is that you are just like the guys no one likes within Esperanto, you try to convince others that Esperanto is evil and not good for anybody, thats the exact same thing fanatic esperantists do but the other way around, they try to convince people to learn esperanto.

I might be confirming your idea that Esperantists are argumentative etc. (I do hope you weren't trying to poison the well), but I hope it's alright in this setting for me to speak out a little, given that you yourself were making arguments in your post. Of course, I do think it's fine if you're not interested in learning the language yourself; I'm just sharing my personal opinions.

I am sorry to have to confront you with this Donovan but ignorance does not constitute knowledge and never will. You are no expert on Esperanto and your ill-informed opinion has no relevancy and substance. You seem to regard English as the great solution to International communication. I have a Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics. I spent 7 years teaching English as a Second Language in the United States, Taiwan, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Based on my experience, if we try to base the International Language on English, it will be some debased kind of pidgin English. Such a language is already forming and is called "Globish". It is an awful travesty of the noble English language, the language of Shakespeare, Shelly and Hemingway. I fear it will eventually contaminate the English of native speakers if it gets too widespread. The fact is, English was never designed to be an international language and it is too difficult for the great majority, with the exception of native speakers of Germanic languages. To master English requires studying it or practicing the language for several hours a day for ten full years and you need to live at least a couple of years in an English speaking country. This is well beyond the means of most people. The result is that English is and will doubtless remain the ;language of big business, finance and diplomacy, the language of a privileged and much envied elite but will remain inaccessible to the great majority.

Another useful purpose for Esperanto I think would be to help stabilize and define English. Esperanto fully has the precision and logical rigor of the Classical languages and is well suited for this purpose. Latin used to be used for this purpose, but it is so intractably difficult that hardly any ordinary student gains any real mastery of the subject and it has been abandoned for the most part. An English speaker who has never learned another language is as unaware of the soft mushy walls of the English language as a fish in an aquarium is aware of the water it swims in. If you study Esperanto seriously on the other hand, you become vividly aware of the foggy, ambiguous nature of the English language, It will force him to recognize the need for rules and discipline to give English the clarity it needs to be effective. I learned long ago when I read Esperanto to stop trying to translate it into English. I run all the time into words and expressions that have no equivalent in English although I understand


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