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How to Use Chanalyzer Pro Portable to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi is a great technology that allows us to connect wirelessly to the internet and other devices. However, Wi-Fi is not always reliable and sometimes we may experience problems such as dropped signals, slow speeds, and dead zones. How can we fix these issues and improve our Wi-Fi performance

One of the tools that can help us is Chanalyzer Pro Portable, a software that works with a Wi-Spy device to analyze the radio frequency spectrum and identify sources of interference that affect our Wi-Fi network. Chanalyzer Pro Portable is a portable version of the software that can be run from a USB drive without installation.

In this article, we will show you how to use Chanalyzer Pro Portable to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues and create a report with the results.

What You Need

To use Chanalyzer Pro Portable, you will need the following:

A Windows PC with a USB port and .NET 4.0 framework installed.

A Wi-Spy device, which is a custom USB spectrum analyzer designed for Wi-Fi troubleshooting. You can choose from different models depending on your needs and budget.

A Wi-Fi adapter that supports 802.11n/ac for passive and active scanning.

A floor plan or map of your Wi-Fi area.

A USB drive with Chanalyzer Pro Portable.rar downloaded and extracted.

How to Use Chanalyzer Pro Portable

Here are the steps to use Chanalyzer Pro Portable to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues:

Plug the Wi-Spy device and the Wi-Fi adapter into your PC's USB ports.

Run Chanalyzer.exe from the USB drive.

Select your Wi-Spy device and your Wi-Fi adapter from the drop-down menus at the top.

Click on the File menu and select Open Floor Plan Image.

Browse to your floor plan or map image file and open it.

Use the tools on the left to calibrate and adjust your floor plan image.

Click on the Start button at the bottom to begin scanning your Wi-Fi area.

Walk around your Wi-Fi area with your PC and observe the spectrum graph, the waterfall view, the density view, and the networks table on Chanalyzer's interface.

Look for sources of interference such as non-Wi-Fi devices, overlapping channels, or low signal strength that may affect your Wi-Fi performance.

Use the tools on the right to zoom in, filter, or mark specific areas or devices on the spectrum graph.

Click on the Stop button at the bottom when you finish scanning your Wi-Fi area.

Click on the Report menu and select Generate Report.

Select a report template and customize it with your own logo, title, summary, recommendations, etc.

Click on the Generate button to create a PDF report with your scan results and analysis.

Save or share your report as needed.


Chanalyzer Pro Portable is a powerful tool that can help you troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues and improve your Wi-Fi performance by analyzing the radio frequency spectrum and identifying sources of interference that affect your Wi-Fi network. By using Chanalyzer Pro Portable with a Wi-Spy device and a Wi-Fi adapter, you can scan your Wi-Fi area, visualize the spectrum activity, locate interference sources, and generate a report with your findings and recommendations. 248dff8e21


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