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Cara Menghilangkan Windows License Valid For 90 Days 19

This message indicates that while your subscription might still be valid, the license token that Visual Studio uses to keep your subscription up to date hasn't been refreshed. Visual Studio reports that the license is stale because of one of the following reasons:

Cara Menghilangkan Windows License Valid For 90 Days 19

You have a valid license in your Personal cloud Zoo.I also see you unsuccessfully tried to add the license to a stand alone computer yesterday.You can not deploy your license in multiple places simultaneously.

You will be charged a flat fee upfront every month. In the 12th month, you will get a voucher which willshow up in your account in the section Displate Club in your Account Settings. Its amount will be equalto the price of your initial order (minus shipping). The voucher will be valid for 90 days from the dateofissuing and you won't be able to use it once it expires. Just apply it at checkout under 'I have adiscount code'.


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