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Kotor 2 Goto Yacht Power

If you have ever fixed up your own speeder on Nar Shaddaa, you know how much work the whole party puts into it. Unfortunately, it all goes south when your speeder is mysteriously sabotaged beyond repair once Visquis comes calling. Your speeder's lack of mobility is only needed temporarily, but the damage is made permanent. Don't let it all end on such a low note! This mod will allow you to fix the speeder once again after completing the Nar Shaddaa main story. When approaching the speeder you fixed up after Visquis calls, you find that someone has robbed you of the power cells you installed. Alternatively, if you try to install them for the first time during this portion of the game, you will find that someone has rigged the speeder to sabotage your power cells. Fortunately, you will get the chance to find some new ones aboard Goto's yacht, in the first plasteel cylinder of the storage room nearby the workbench room. Once you get back to Nar Shaddaa, you can return to the speeder and install the power cells for a working speeder you can use to finish up any remaining missions! This mod also restores Obsidian's original dialogue (and influence opportunity) with Mira which was previously inaccessible. You can now have her help you install your power cells. For players who normally do not repair HK-47 until after Nar Shaddaa is complete, you now have the opportunity to let him help you install the power cells as well, making it possible to hear his dialogue as well. You can gain/lose influence with either or both of them, all as you see fit. As a bonus, this mod also features new and improved camera angles for the airspeeder at the landing pad and the docks, as well as patching a lot of the general camera bugginess of the original dialogue. You should install TSLRCM prior to installing this mod. For an existing game, use a save file made before visiting Nar Shaddaa for the first time (this mod won't affect any areas of the game you have already been to).

kotor 2 goto yacht power

In case you find this useful, I am providing a full walkthrough on how to repair your speeder, including where all necessary speeder parts can be found, and every party member with whom you can gain influence throughout the process. Note that this contains spoilers.The airspeeder can be found in the Nar Shaddaa Refugee Sector (not the landing pad area), within the Serrocco territory. It requires three parts to be repaired: an airspeeder navigation interface, maneuvering flaps, and cryogenic power cells.1. Find the airspeeder navigation interface in the Refugee Landing Pad, not far from your ship. It is in a plasteel cylinder to the right of Tienn Tubb's workbench.2. The manuevering flaps can be found in the Nar Shaddaa Docks, in a plasteel cylinder at the farthest traffic pylon. This is the same location the Bith scientist asks you to meet his contact.3. Lasavvou the Ithorian has a supply of cryogenic power cells. He is in one of the apartments at the Nar Shaddaa docks. Obtain one from him by helping him settle his trouble with the local docking authorities, or by lifting it off of his corpse.4. Go to the Refugee Sector proper and gain access to the Serrocco territory with either their permission or your lightsaber. The speeder can be found near their leader.5. Install all components to the airspeeder and unlock the controls. The airspeeder's condition will be dependent on your skill levels, so if you are sporting more brawns than brains, you have one more reason to let some of the following party members help! -- Mira and HK-47 can help install the cryogenic power cells if in your party. Note that your first dialogue option with them results in an influence gain, and the fourth in an influence loss. Your character must be light side or neutral-aligned by the time you go to meet with Visquis for Mira to join your party. We don't let Hanharr near delicate machinery. -- Once the navigation interface is installed, you have to unlock the speeder controls. Atton can help with this. Same influence rules apply. -- If all components are successfully installed, Bao-Dur and T3-M4 can both help improve the condition of the speeder. T3-M4 will only step in if the speeder's condition is poor, but you can still gain influence with him either way.6. If you have not made contact with Visquis at this point, the airspeeder should be fully operational, and can take you to the docks or landing pad if in good enough condition.7. Once Visquis invites you to meet with him, the airspeeder will have its power cells stolen. If you install the power cells for the first time after this point, they will be sabotaged instead.8. Progress through the main story until you reach Goto's yacht. Take a right through the torture chamber containing the lab station and head right again. You can find new power cells in the leftmost plasteel cylinder in the storage room beyond.9. After completing the main story, you can return to the airspeeder at any time to reinstall the power cells. HK-47 or Mira can help install them if in your party. The airspeeder should be functional and ready-to-fly once again!

Nar Shaddaa * You can no longer switch your team after the Red Eclipse board you ship, until you rescued your team members from the Ebon Hawk. * Refugee Woes no longer closes after you convince the Serroco to attack the Exchange (what with the Exchange still being alive and all). * Fixed team members seeing thugs jumping down as LS act. It's now seen properly as DS-act. Other ways of saving are still seen as LS obviously. * Fixed facing of HK50's that attack after Goto's yacht. * Added a couple of canisters and droids to the "new" area in the docks. * Fixed if Lassavou and Fassa made a deal that gives Fassa a power cell the "power shortage" quest was not able to be closed. Also fixed not getting the "power shortage" quest XP if it finished this way. * Asking Tienn about the ID transponder code was obsolete after Goto's yacht. Removed it. Also fixed subtitle and duration issues with Bao-Dur's restored lines. * If you freed Adana without killing Sasquesh she wouldn't appear next to Nadaa, now she does. * Removed some obsolete dialog lines after Goto's Yacht. * Made some Visquis' lines skippable after Mira's/Hanharr's attempt at escape. * Added "a_peace_serroco" to Force Persuasion option of Serocco leader. * Added Exchange option to a few convo options lacking it. * Serocco can no longer attack the Exchange if the leadership is dead or the refugees sold themselves to slavery. * Fixes a convo-break with T3 and lacking VO (repairing speederbike). * Fixes several timing, clairvoyance and wrong use of :: :: issues with Kreia's listen to Nar Shaddaa conversation. * Sasquesh; Fixed a delay issue when getting a reward for forcing Nadaa into slavery. * Fixed Refugee Woes re-opening if the Refugees surrendered themselves. * Fixed issue with a_random_talk.ncs script, which would if the global was 3 and the script set 3 again return 4, which made it impossible for Exchange thugs to talk anymore. Now in that case it returns 1 instead. * Fixed Lootra dialogue and Kathranna dialogue sharing a local with Sasquash. They have a unique one now each. * Fixed saving Adanna for 700 or 800 credits being seen as Dark Side Act by your team members, unlike 600, 1000 or Force Persuade. * Fixed not being able to get Sasquesh' reward for Nadaa getting into slavery if you ever asked about why he held Adana. * The "1000? Thought it was 600" was missing the check to see if the PC knew this, the 800 already had it correctly. Now they both have. * Made a section of hanend.dlg unskippable to prevent odd camera stances and people teleporting about for the next scene. Also fixes the "2 Kreia's" issue. * Fixed typo'd check for Atton to tell the Twi'leks about how much he hates the exile. Now all that convo can actually appear ingame! Also fixed fade-in/fade-out issue with added line (previous to 1.8) and added another additional line for Influence > 80 ("I think you're another problem my friend doesn't need"). Finally, fixed a few camera points. * Geredi has a voiced blank line. Fixed now.. * Vogga; Fixes the camera position for a few added lines. * Visquis in Arena: Fixed the Dark Side option being unavailable. * JJT; Fixed the line "I grow weary of these subtleties." being skipped for female PC's, and the shot showing the jjt's inhabitants cut short for everyone. * Goto's Yacht: Fixed some restored dialogs, now it continues immediately, no more "pause" between individual lines. * Console01/01b; Fixed all issues with "Droid command" * Mira to Jedi cutscene; Fixed a skipped line, some turned around checks (non-conditional before conditional), a_givedark not having a P1 and added "sleep" animation to :: Closes her eyes :: since it's pretty weird to read that and see her eyes wide open. * Pazaak playing droid; Fixed convo break, and lacking option of allowing Bao/T3 to take a look if Atton was not in the team. Now they can appear without him. * Fixed "skip" and added gameplay designer comment submission attack to Kreia-Hanharr scene. * Zhug brothers no longer give away their healing packs during the teammate to docks scene. * Fixed HK-50 being "passive", they now attack aggressively. * Goto Yacht Droid Control; G0T0 lines (about 3) never ran since Goto isn't present causing the sudden end in the convo. * Goto's Yacht count has VO lines, attached now. * The Rodian patrons in the JJT can now talk (their lines were placed in the wrong module!). * Fixed Visquis call gamebreaking bug by disallowing you to enter the Ebon Hawk when all its conditions are met... * Vossk now uses .tlk entries again, restoring his 'Jeedai' * c9t9; Removed exchange hate when blowing up the droid, since it only happened in one of six distinct paths (you still get it if you check the droid for oddities). Increased repair skill check from 0 to 5. * Borna fixes; No more "lower then" checks, which was making between 10 and 14 fail while 7 till 9 works. Fixed not getting keycode with computer's second choice (7 skill+). * Removes dancers during Zhug cutscenes if you talked to the domo. Removes the domo too if you completed his quest. * Restored a few questions about the Lunar Shadow captain in the JJT. * Modified 304NAR to move Lunar Shadow captain, added 8-ball Weequay. * 8-ball; Fixed small issue with wrong locals being checked for question 3 and 4 (used the value of #2). Also fixed line without alien VO. * Added 351NAR_Zhug_Enc set to 1 at start of Zhug-convo on Goto's Yacht (unused in vanilla TSL). * No more Wookiee growl or kath hound growl when loading near Vogga (for example when send to dance there) * Fixed crash issues if you bought everything from Kodin or Tienn, due to a false duplicate item. * Restored Keh'ven/Bao-Dur content. * You can no longer swap out party members from the Hawk after the Red Eclipse take over until you re-capture your ship. * Made the 303 droid warehouse maintenance droids not rotate on clicking to reflect them ignoring you completely... * When showing off the dancer uniform the dancer's head is no longer partially clipped off. * Added proper journal entry for "The Champ" selling T3 instead of Kodin. * Reuniting Lootra and Aaida now gives LS random influence even without Kreia in the party. * Restored missing Adana dialogue. * Improved Hanharr in Mira's hideout scene per gameplay designers notes.


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