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The Birds Of Australia: A Book Of Identification

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The Birds Of Australia: A Book Of Identification

OVER HALF A MILLION COPIES SOLDThe most comprehensive one-volume book of identification that shows all Australian bird species, perfect for birders of all levels of expertise.Since it was first published in 1984, Simpson & Day's Field Guide to the Birds of Australia has been one of the most - if not the most - respected bird guide in the country. As one of the main national bird field guides used by Australian birders and birdwatchers the guide contains-- detailed and thorough instructions on "How to Observe a Bird"- hints for birdwatchers to improve their birding- 132 superb full-colour plates showing all Australian bird species- over 900 black and white line illustrations- key points of identification using the latest classification system- seabird identification by bill to assist in identifying seabirds including albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters- habitat descriptions and distribution maps for all species- Australian Island Territories Checklists- breeding and breeding cycle information- a "Key to Families" to easily compare and locate families of birds- rare and vagrant bird bulletins- a core library list, easy-to-use indexes and glossary of avian terms- a list of birdwatching and naturalist organisationsThis eighth edition has been revised and updated, including some beautiful new plates.'The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia is a masterpiece of a guide and a comprehensive resource for birding in Australia.' Birdfreak

This book is an illustrated field guide to diurnal raptors, a bird group that many people find among the most difficult birds to identify. Raptors are popular and iconic birds, and important ecologically as well as in legislation, with some species listed as threatened. Birds of Prey of Australia will enable people to more easily identify them. It also provides a brief overview of the biology of raptors and an indication of the current state of knowledge on them.

In Australasian Eagles and Eagle-like Birds, Dr Stephen Debus provides a 25-year update of knowledge on these 10 species as a supplement to the Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds (HANZAB) and recent global treatises, based partly on his own field studies. Included are the first nest or prey records for some Melanesian species. This book places the Australasian species in their regional and global context, reviews their population status and threats, provides new information on their ecology, and suggests what needs to be done in order to ensure the future of these magnificent birds

Urban Raptors is the first book to offer a complete overview of urban ecosystems in the context of bird-of-prey ecology and conservation. This comprehensive volume examines urban environments, explains why some species adapt to urban areas but others do not, and introduces modern research tools to help in the study of urban raptors. It also delves into climate change adaptation, human-wildlife conflict, and the unique risks birds of prey face in urban areas before concluding with real-world wildlife management case studies and suggestions for future research and conservation efforts.

Where to See Birds in Victoria provides information on how to get to each destination, what facilities and accommodation to expect and, importantly, precisely where to look for those special or rare birds. The book also provides a comprehensive and up-to-date list of birds, with the degree of rarity and where to see it noted for each species. So, for Victorians and visitors to the state, the secret is out. What better way to see some wonderful places and magnificent wildlife than by using Where to See Birds in Victoria as your guide

A delightful photographic book featuring the birds of Aireys Inlet and Anglesea on the Victorian coast. Over 120 species have been photographed in their natural environment and set amongst landscapes of Aireys Inlet and Anglesea. This new collection features most of the birds you


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