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Buy Tulips Online

Illuminating your beds, borders, and pots with brilliant colors and elegant shapes,tulips look fabulous whether planted on their own or combined with other fall planted flower bulbs. You might be tempted by cheap bulbs on sale at thesupermarket or garden center but the best place to buy tulip bulbs is from anestablished supplier such as DutchGrown, who specializes in tulips and other flower bulbs.

buy tulips online


With our collection of classic tulip bouquets and mixed tulip arrangements, you can send gorgeous tulip bouquets or along with any other gifts such as new baby gifts, wedding flowers, congratulations flowers Dubai, thank you gift ideas, thinking of you, and more. Whether you're looking for a specific tulip color, a brilliant colorful mix, or a combination of tulips and another lovely flower, we have the best arrangements that your recipient will adore. Tulips are an excellent choice for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and simply celebrating the arrival of spring. Tulip delivery is simple with that offers same-day flower delivery anytime and anywhere across the UAE.

It's been said that flowers are the language of love, and no one knows this better than Seddique Farms. With over 30 years of experience, TN Nursery is broadening its selection with some rare and unusual tulip varieties with a large assortment of tulips and wide other varieties.

From late night to early morning, let the soft power of Lavender Tulip calm and soothe your loved one with their beautiful blooms. Mother's Day is coming soon. Give your mom, grandmother, or other remarkable women in your life the gift of relaxation through our calming, soothing natural tulips. They'll love you for it!

Looking for affordable and high quality tulip bulbs? Welcome to BULBi, specialist in high quality flower bulbs. We have a wide range of tulips in many colors, types and sizes. Among others, Botanical tulips, Darwin Hybrid tulips, Triumph tulips, Parrot tulips, lily-flowering tulips, single flowering tulips and double flowering tulips as known as peony tulips. View our current offer and order easily online.

Tulip bulbs are available from August to December (increasing to January as long as stocks last). Of course, you can be busy planning your spring garden, or balcony and beautifying your surroundings before the season begins. It is therefore possible, before the season begins, to already order online flower bulbs, so you are assured of your preferred choice of tulip bulbs. The tulip bulbs will be delivered at the right planting time, in a delivery week chosen by you! After you have placed an order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with an order confirmation. If you would like more information about ordering, please visit the 'how to order' page.

We offer a wide range of tulips. For example, there are single and double tulips, fringed tulips, botanical tulips, lily flowering tulips or the striking parrot tulips. But also early- and late-flowering tulips, so you can enjoy this well-known flower from March through May. To make your choice you can use the filter; choose for example the flowering period, color, group or height.

Single early tulipsRecognisable by the classic tulip shape. These tulips bloom early and have shorter, sturdy stems. As a result, these tulips can withstand quite a bit of wind. Single early tulips are good for planting in containers, borders and flowerbeds.

Single late tulipsEven later in spring you can still enjoy the classic tulip shape in many colours. Single late tulips have sturdy, long stems, which makes this tulip a good cut flower.

Triumph tulipsWith large cone-shaped flowers, the Triumph tulip brightens up any garden. After opening, the shape changes to oval. The Triumph tulip was created by crossing early and late single-flowered tulips. These tulips have strong stems, making them perfect for the garden and as cut flowers.

Botanical tulipsThe smallest tulips of its kind are botanical tulips. These tulips are quite different from the larger tulips, that's because they stay low with smaller flowers. The big advantage of these tulips is that you don't need to take them out of the ground, as these tulips are suitable for perennial flowering and naturalising. They can flower along the edge of a border or as low ground covers. Also suitable for in pots.

Darwin hybrid tulipsDarwin hybrid tulips are single-flowered tulips, with sturdy, long stems that can take a punch. These tulips develop large cup-shaped flowers and bloom in mid-season. Many of these varieties, under the right conditions, return the following year.

Double early tulips - Peony tulipsDouble early tulips are suitable for a spot at the front of the border or in pots because of their slightly shorter stems. These early-flowering tulips have beautifully filled flowers and are therefore also called pioentulips.

Double late tulips - Peony tulipsDouble late tulips are real eye-catchers in the garden with their well-filled flowers and long stems. The peony-flowered tulips bloom around May and provide prolonged flowering.

Fosteriana tulips A characteristic feature of Fosteriana tulips is their leaves, which are often a little grey-green. This gives a nice contrast to their brightly coloured large flowers. These early-flowering tulips vary in height and good results have been achieved for perennial flowering with this variety.

Fringed tulipsYou can recognise these tulips by the beautiful serrated edge along the flower. Often this serrated edge is also in a different colour. These tulips are mid- to late-flowering and suitable as cut flowers.

Double fringed tulipsThe double fringed tulips are very decorative because of the double flowers with a beautiful serrated edge. These tulips flower for a very long time and are suitable for both pots and the garden.

Parrot tulips With fringed and twisted flowers, Parrot tulips, are true works of art in the garden. These tulips flower in late April/early May and as soon as the full sun shines on them, the petals open fully. Did you know that almost all Parrot tulips carry a hint of green in their petals?

Double Parrot tulips Like single Parrot tulips, double Parrot tulips stand out for their beautifully fringed and twisted flowers. Only, the flowers of double Parrot tulips are just a bit more filled. Double Parrot tulips are long-flowering and give you garden an exclusive look.

Greigii tulipsGreigii tulips are part of Botanical tulips. With their short stems, these early-flowering varieties are great for containers and borders. Have you noticed that these tulips have striped leaves?

Kaufmanniana tulipsLow-growing tulips that are great for bedding and borders. Tulips from the kaufmanniana group are early-flowering and highly decorative due to their broad and spotted leaves. In sunlight, the petals open fully and the heart of the flower will surprise you!

Lily-flowering tulipsPetals curved like a French lily are characteristic of Lily-flowered tulips. The long elegant stems and pointed flowers add grace to your garden. These tulips love a sunny spot and look great in the garden as well as in containers.

Multi-flowering tulipsIt really is possible, multiple flowers on one stem. These tulips instantly give your garden, border or container a filled look as they can produce as many as 2 to 5 flowers per stem. They look like mini bouquets! Multi-flowered tulips stand on long stems and bloom in April/May.

Viridiflora tulipsViridiflora tulips can be recognised by the green flames that appear in the petals. Some tulips are almost completely green, while others have just a hint of green. The sturdy stems make this tulip a real asset to the garden. These tulips combine beautifully with green plants. They flower in April/May.

The tulip is inextricably linked to the Netherlands. The Dutch climate is therefore excellent for the forcing and cultivation of tulips. Although we consider the tulip a typical Dutch flower, the tulip did not originally come from our country. The roots of the tulip lie in Turkey. The arrival of a cargo of tulip bulbs in Antwerp in 1562 marked the beginning of European tulip cultivation. The first documented specimens were planted by the Fleming Carolus Clusius in the Hortus botanicus in Leiden. He grew the bulbs to conduct research on them, but the tulip bulbs were not sold. However, after a break-in at the Hortus Botanicus, the tulip quickly spread throughout the Netherlands; the trade in tulip bulbs had begun. However, the prices asked for one tulip bulb were gigantic. Not only the tulip bulb itself, but shares in the bulb were traded. Often people received a piece of paper with their purchase stating that they were the owner. Eventually, the government intervened and normal cultivation and trade slowly developed.

It has been a cold winter here in the Willamette Valley. With the low temperatures, the tulips are a little slow in emerging. Due to this, our family does not believe the tulips will be blooming by March 17th. We have decided to push back the festival by one week, to March 24th. 041b061a72


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