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How To Use Zynaptiq Morph 2 To Create Amazing Sound Effects From UPDATED Cracked Wheat

How to Use Zynaptiq Morph 2 to Create Amazing Sound Effects from Cracked Wheat

Zynaptiq Morph 2 is a powerful plugin that allows you to morph two different sounds into one, creating new and unique sounds that can be used for sound design, music production, and more. In this article, we will show you how to use Zynaptiq Morph 2 to create amazing sound effects from cracked wheat, a common ingredient in many cuisines.

How to Use Zynaptiq Morph 2 to Create Amazing Sound Effects from Cracked Wheat

What is Zynaptiq Morph 2?

Zynaptiq Morph 2 is a real-time plugin for structural audio morphing, the sonic equivalent of one object slowly changing its shape to become a different object - for example, one face becoming another. It features five different morphing algorithms, a clean formant shifter, and a lush reverb that can extend sounds much like some vintage hardware boxes. Zynaptiq Morph 2 can be used to create seamless morphing transitions, hybrid sounds that combine aspects of existing ones, physically impossible instruments, creature and robot voices, talkbox-esque effects, and other outrageously unique new sounds.

What is Cracked Wheat?

Cracked wheat is a type of wheat that has been coarsely ground or crushed. It is often used to make breads, cereals, salads, soups, and pilafs. Cracked wheat has a nutty flavor and a chewy texture. It is rich in fiber, protein, iron, and B vitamins.

How to Create Sound Effects from Cracked Wheat with Zynaptiq Morph 2

To create sound effects from cracked wheat with Zynaptiq Morph 2, you will need the following:

  • A microphone and an audio interface to record the sound of cracked wheat.

  • A DAW (digital audio workstation) that supports VST, AU, RTAS, or AAX plugins.

  • Zynaptiq Morph 2 plugin installed on your computer.

  • Another sound source that you want to morph with cracked wheat. This can be anything from a musical instrument to a human voice to an animal sound.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Record the sound of cracked wheat using your microphone and audio interface. You can do this by shaking a bag of cracked wheat, rubbing it between your hands, or pouring it on a surface. Try to capture different variations of the sound.

  • Import the recorded sound of cracked wheat into your DAW as an audio track.

  • Import the other sound source that you want to morph with cracked wheat into your DAW as another audio track.

  • Insert Zynaptiq Morph 2 plugin on both audio tracks.

  • Select the cracked wheat track as the A input and the other sound source track as the B input on Zynaptiq Morph 2 plugin.

  • Adjust the morphing parameters on Zynaptiq Morph 2 plugin according to your preference. You can use the presets or tweak them manually. You can also adjust the formant shifter and the reverb parameters for more control over the sound.

  • Play back both tracks and listen to the result. You should hear a new sound that is a combination of cracked wheat and the other sound source.

  • Experiment with different combinations of sounds and parameters until you find something that you like.

  • Bounce or export the final sound effect as an audio file.

Examples of Sound Effects Created from Cracked Wheat with Zynaptiq Morph 2

Here are some examples of sound effects created from cracked wheat with Zynaptiq Morph 2:

  • Cracked wheat + guitar = a crunchy string instrument

  • Cracked wheat + human voice = a grainy talkbox effect

  • Cracked wheat + dog bark = a scary monster growl

  • Cracked wheat + flute = a wooden wind instrument

  • Cracked wheat + thunder = a crackling storm


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