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Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller

1000h Asus 2204gt 01 Rar

Hello guys !I have an asus eee pc 1000h(pretty old i know) and i just found out about a mod ahci bios at flashing the bios i could see the hidden option to select ahci sata mode instead of ide.Now the 2 problems:1st the reboot hangs for sometime with black screen until it finally "resets"2nd hibernate doesnt work.Just booting like normal from shutdown.This is Happening on both Linux and Windows (freshly installed and updated after mod bios).So i suppose there is something with the ahci option rom inside the bios.Can anyone confirm if there is an updated ahci rom for this bios to see if it solves my problem?Thanks modded bios attached.

1000h Asus 2204gt 01 Rar

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