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Gear Vr S6 Best Buy

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Gear Vr S6 Best Buy

Not much has changed with the Gear VR from our hands-on in March, but we'll offer a brief recap of the hardware anyway. In comparison with the original, the new headset is definitely smaller and lighter, which befits the S6's more petite stature. The straps have also been redesigned for better weight balance and there's now additional padding on the rear strap for a slightly more comfortable fit. And unlike the original, the new headgear has a USB port so you can charge the S6 while it's nestled in. The focus ring adjustment now goes further in both directions plus there's mechanical fan to cool you down. From my experience wearing the device, I can also say the picture quality is excellent -- really sharp images with hardly any screen door effect at all.

While Black Friday Apple deals often dominate proceedings, it is important not to overlook some superb Samsung offers this year. So it is time to assess the best and worst discounts being offered this Black Friday on Samsung televisions, Galaxy smartphones and more.

Black Friday tip: always remember to check the specific TV model when retailers release them before making a purchase. Even the best manufacturers have weak models in their line-up that you are better off avoiding, so do your research.

An early release on the Gear VR, but still one of the best. Both Esper and it's brilliant sequel Esper 2 will keep you busy for hours thanks to its witty and wry tone and excellent telekinetic puzzles. It intuitively makes the most of Gear VR's built-in controls, while also working with a gamepad if you so wish. It can be fiddly at times, but it's great fun and there's even a free demo if you don't fancy forking out for it right away.

Building upon the mobile and home console game Republique, Republique VR brings you a whole new level of immersion as you help a woman named Hope escape from a dangerous totalitarian state. Using your ability to jump between electronic devices and hack doors, computers and telephones wide open, you must guide Hope past perils and into new areas so you can help her escape to freedom. It's a huge game too, spanning around ten hours in length and it's utterly gorgeous to boot. It's, easily, one of the best VR experiences you'll ever have on a mobile device.

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As the credits rolled, I noticed this experience was produced by Industrial Light & Magic and Felix & Paul Studios, who also brought us Cirque du Soleil Kurios and the Samsung Intro Video on the Gear VR, among others. It may be due to being all computer generated, but the graphical fidelity of the Jurassic World Experience blew away their latest offering of Kurios, and Kurios was best I had seen to date on the Gear VR.

Best Buy probably has the single best deal on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. If you preorder, you'll receive a free Gear VR headset and controller, and you'll even get $100 off the retail price, which should put the price in the neighborhood of $650 for the S8 and $750 for the S8+. This deal will go live on Thursday, March 30, at midnight, and you'll be able to choose from variants that work on all major US carriers.

Verizon has the best full retail pricing out of all the major carriers, though they haven't announced when their deals will go live. The Galaxy S8 will cost $720 if you pay up front, and the S8+ will run you $840. There are also 24-month financing options available, so with a qualifying service contract, you can get the regular S8 for $30 per month, or the S8+ for $35 a month.

Perhaps the best offer of them all comes courtesy of US Cellular, though they've since taken down their preorder page. When it was live for a few hours, the page stated that US Cellular will give you a Galaxy S8 or S8+ for free if you simply trade in an eligible device (either a Galaxy S6 or newer Samsung flagship, or an iPhone 5s or later). If you don't have a device to trade, they were offering a $100 gift card with any S8 purchase.

For virtual reality newcomers, the new Gear VR with controller is one of the best options on the market as well as one of the most affordable. If you own the latest Samsung phone, or one released two years ago, this headset and controller combo is the best option available. 59ce067264


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