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[S1E10] The Story Of The 50

[S1E10] The Story Of The 50 --->>>

Flash back to Schmidt and Benjamin driving to Los Angeles, when Schmidt weighed a lot more. Benjamin promised he'd be rich some day and wrote Schmidt a check for $100 million. Jess hears his sad little story and goes and suggestions to Winston and Nick that they throw Schmidt a party. They explain they're not from his world, where everything gets shortened to one syllable. He called an oven "oves" and an airport "airp." He went to a party themed "Bros before hos on the moon," they're not even sure what that means. "You are not mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared to throw these d-bags a party," Nick tells her. Nick excuses himself, the gang notices he is wearing his jury duty pants.

Kanan's uncles Marvin and Lou-Lou also appear in the show with a key storyline in season one exploring their complicated relationship with Raq, as the two brothers attempt to assert their dominance in the family business in which Raq is the unquestioned Queenpin. Marvin is keen to take Lou-Lou's role as Raq's right-hand man - while Lou-Lou attempts to juggle his responsibilities in the family business with his own venture into music.

"One season isn't enough to tell the coming of age story of Kanan Stark and his mother, Raq, a fierce and successful woman who is a force of nature," said Starz president and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch. "The anticipation globally for more of the Power Universe made it clear that the Kanan story needs to continue."

Simon Says is an automated transcription service. We assist people and companies, such as those in the media, to swiftly transcribe audio and video files so they can find that meaningful dialogue. We are not associated with Revisionist History or Panoply Media; we are just big fans. And we highly recommend you listen to the podcast if you can. We have provided the transcript below as a supplement. Enjoy!

MG: A Wonderful Country goes further than the kind of TV satire that we have in the US or the UK, maybe because the stakes are so much higher in Israel. Maybe in a country with a tortured history, suffering under constant threat, the boundaries that satire needs to push up against are more real.

In 2019, a 60th Anniversary Retrospective titled The Untouchables Retrospective[22] was undertaken to celebrate the show's cultural impact and legacy in television and film history through mixed media, including extensive episode reviews, a podcast, and a making-of documentary. To date, the retrospective has interviewed several surviving participants involved with the program, including Pat Crowley and Nehemiah Persoff.[23]

After episode 10, it's clear that "Andor" is looking at those kinds of sacrifices in a profound way that expands the inner-life of characters like Luthen Rael and shows the emotional damage this kind of undertaking has truly brought on. Surely, Luthen will factor into the multi-year story arc of season 2 that will lead right up to the events of "Rogue One," and his true contribution may wind up being just as important as Gaylen Erso's trap door.

That evening at Kobayashi's apartment, Tohru explains the situation to Kobayashi, who can't help because of her job. So, Tohru enlists the help of Lucoa, Shouta, Riko, Elma, and Fafnir. However, Elma only agreed to help on the pretense she'd be allowed to eat as much candy as she so wanted and that she has a ton of work to complete. Tohru, however, points out that Kobayashi says that she's "useless" at work and during this busy period, she'd be absolutely unnecessary. Despite Elma trying to argue contrary, she's shot down by Tohru. Once that's settled with, the group discuss what show they'll perform for the retirement home. Elma, Kanna, and Fafnir's ideas are shot down due to either how impossible or illogical their suggestions are, but Riko suggests they put on a play. Excited by the suggestion, Tohru decides to go with that suggestion. For the play they'll preform, Riko suggests since it's close to Christmas suggests The Little Match Girl. Curious


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