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Rimworld Drop Pod Raid

Raiders are essentially the main antagonists of RimWorld. They are predatory enemies who attack in groups when the storyteller's threat cycle is active (or any time, for Randy Random). The group size and strength of a raiding party is determined by 'points', which will be explained in-depth further down this article.

rimworld drop pod raid

Raiders have several strategies when a raid event is spawned. Raiders will attack, destroy, or burn random targets without any visible strategy or tactic. They will not attack natural rock walls (except sappers), wild animals, or unpowered turrets. They will, however, engage prisoners from enemy factions.

If the raiders cannot find any structures to destroy, or undowned colonists to attack, the behavior will change into other goals: stealing valuables that are not properly stored in closed locations, kidnapping downed colonists to demand a ransom of silver or to recruit them into their ranks, leaving after being satisfied with the damage done, or giving up and retreating due to exhaustion and starvation.

This Google Sheets spreadsheet shows the spawn rates of weapons and apparel across all raider kinds. Valid as of 1.0.2057. Figures are taken from a modified version of the 'Pawn Kind Gear Sampled' dev tool with a sample size of 10,000 rather than 400.

A raiding party may include members equipped with melee weapons and shield belts. When a raiding party includes grenade throwers, the AI is intelligent enough to run way from grenades thrown by their own faction (though this does not apply to other explosives). Raiders wielding rocket launchers will attempt to avoid friendly fire.

Also, raiders do not always use weapons appropriate to their skills, as the weapons are randomly chosen. They are often seen equipped with ranged weapons when they are better at melee (completely disregarding the Brawler trait), and vice versa.

There are multiple types of raiders in RimWorld, each with their own sets of equipment and budgets which the game uses to 'buy' their equipment. Similarly, the game 'buys' raiders by deducting the raiders' Combat Power rating from the amount of raid points.

Added in Royalty was the "Mechanoid Cluster" event, which may be associated with quests or drop on their own. During this event, a fleet of drop pods will land and deploy mechanoids, walls, turrets, and assorted buildings. These mechanoids will initially be dormant. They are eventually awakened by either the player attacking, a Proximity activator being tripped, or a Count-down activator finishing its count down.

Raiders will drop pod right into the middle of the base, circumventing all exterior defenses. They may drop into roofed rooms, punching a hole in the roof. They do not care if the room is occupied, and in such cases colonists may only have a few seconds to stop what they were doing and get into fighting positions. If the raiders drop into an enclosed room without colonists they will start randomly attacking the contents of the room.

Like Immediate Attack, but the raiders are unusually clever in their tactics because they try to avoid (some) traps and turrets, as well as simply steal some of your items and run. This can be devastating in early game, because a raider may steal your stockpile of components, leaving you without any means of using electricity.

Raiders, upon either landing in their drop pods or arriving on the map sides, will proceed to stand around in a small group near-by where they spawned for a period of time and then proceed to attack. It is possible and a completely viable strategy to attack them while they are "preparing". This preparation has no effect on their attack other than the fact that it gives you more time to prepare yourself.

Much like the Sapper strategy, raiders will utilize their tools to easily breach past the walls more. Compared to Sappers, Breachers comes equipped with tools designed to destroy walls more easily (Tribals access to breach axe, Royal, Pirates and Colony uses frag grenades, and Mechanoids utilizes their Termite wielding thump cannon) regardless of their mining skill. Unlike the Sappers, they mostly target after colony-built walls in their direct path, rather than mining to the shortest route. Any raiding pawns nearby will always follow the breaching pawn in question, only attacking within range.

Unlike sappers which usually come in small numbers of raiders, breachers are always followed by a ton of raiding pawns, or Centipedes in the case of Termite, which covers the disadvantageous issue that the Sapping raid in the open has with. These kind of raids will appear more frequently if the wealth is high enough.

Raiders enter your map from an edge and head towards a point well outside your base to set up a makeshift siege base. Once there, drop pods supply them with ample resources to construct 2 mortars (steel, components, and both high-explosive shells and incendiary shells). They also get some cloth to create sandbags as cover, and packaged survival meals. Two random raiders will begin constructing the mortars (one each), and a few more will throw the sandbags down while the rest stand guard.

You can engage them before they finish building up if timing is favorable to you. They will always attempt to construct only two mortars regardless of the number of raiders. The layout of the mortar base is somewhat random - they might decide to place a mortar where some trees need cutting first, slowing the process considerably, and the sandbags are rarely well placed. The siegers rarely use their best constructors when building (it's random), so sometimes fail the construction process and waste that mortar's resources. As they will not get additional components, this will make any bombardment half as damaging.

Once a mortar is ready, they will start to bombard you, guarded by those not busy manning the mortars or still building the second one. Drop pods will continuously resupply 12 packaged survival meals and more mortar shells, as needed. They can receive different types of shells during the siege, which can be less or more dangerous to your colony, depending. After causing enough destruction, they will proceed as a normal raid to converge on your colony.

Pirate or outlander raiders have the chance to attack your base with mercenary slashers only, meaning everyone will be shielded and have a melee weapon. Tribals can do the same with their melee units, except without shields.

A raid's size and strength is determined by the amount of colonists you have, your wealth, how many big threats you've had (for the early-game), how long your faction's been around for, how long it's been since one of your colonists were downed or killed, and your difficulty.

It is recommended to keep power generation, eating areas, lighting, doors, and walls near or behind a protected entrance, as raiders tend to set fire to them, potentially causing huge damage. Raiders will prioritize firing on colonists or turrets when those colonists or turrets are firing on them, but will otherwise prioritize random objects, meaning you can put doors or walls near your defenses to temporarily distract them.

If you assault their base, one possibility is sniping either the shells or the mortars, hoping an explosion kills many of the raiders. If you want to leave those intact, you can snipe the raiders themselves. Keep in mind that killing enough of them prompts them to assault your colony directly instead of continuing their siege.

Overall, they can deal heavy damage to your colonists; they do not have good weapons, but compensate with their sheer numbers. However, as tribalwear does not provide protection and they do not wear any form of regular armor, they are easier to kill individually than other raiders.

This is an unofficial update to Turtle Friendly Raids so that it works with 1.4. This version of the mod will work with previous versions of the game too as the files for prior versions were untouched.Mod will be taken down if requested by the original author.Due to how new 1.4 is there will more than likely be incompatibilities with other mods.This mod may conflict with other mods that add new raid types.This mod should be placed last (or close to last) in the mod load order, as other mods may overwrite the changes this mod makes.

It's been breached before and I lost a couple colonists in the process. The 100+ strong raid in this pic has several triple rocket launchers and at least six doomsday missiles. They would likely break through if not for the gas traps and incendiary IEDs disrupting them before they entered the box.

I don't have any mods that effect raids. Sappers don't appear if your design your killbox to allow a direct path into your base. So i've only seen sappers in very early game. They stopped appearing once I got the killbox established.

Current colony I have completely open East and South approaches and still get sappers regularly attacking my walls North and west. AFAIK I don't have any mods that directly affect raids either. Weird.

Almost. The areas behind the embrasures were supposed to be for mini-turrets. The purple sections were remote doors that would be opened once raiders started to retreat with the idea of shooting down as may as possible as they fled. It wasn't as effective as i'd hoped, so went with rage and incendiary IEDs instead.

Correct. Killboxes are only good for ground invasions or drop pod raids that fall outside your base. They also negate sapper raids as sappers do not spawn if there is a path into your base through the killbox.

Given that many things in the game, including the raiders themselves, are procedurally generated, the traits, personalities, names, attack strategies, strength and weaknesses of the raiders vary greatly. Raiders come in two forms, with the most common simply being hostile humans, though robotic mechanoids can also attack.

The history of the raiders is never completely revealed to the player, though it can be assumed they were either born on the planet the game takes place on, or simply traveled there like the colonists. It can also be assumed that most, if not all, of the raiders spent their time stealing and murdering other factions long before the player's colonists arrived at the same planet. 350c69d7ab


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