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[S3E11] Sprig's Birthday

"Croak & Punishment": Sprig finds a blue moon shell that he hopes to give to Ivy on her birthday. However, the shell gets stolen so he and Anne play cops and try and find the culprit. After a series of dead ends, they encounter a southern tusk frog named Gunther who is sweet and nice, but when angered turns into a giant monster. Realizing that they have been causing too much trouble, Sprig apologizes and Gunther forgives them. When they return home, they discover that Ivy had taken the shell to clean it. Sprig decides to give it to her early, but she tells him to keep it so that she knows where his house is.

[S3E11] Sprig's Birthday

The day before her birthday, Anne is tasked by her principal to decide "Who I Am". As Andrias and Darcy continue their invasion of Earth, Anne and her friends manage to escape where they are reunited with an allied Mr. X and the Boonchuys who are now trained agents. The heroes split into two teams with the Boonchuys, Plantars and Mr. X challenging the army while Sasha, Grime, Olivia and Yunan break back into the castle. The Plantars encounter the same herons that broke their family, but when the herons treaten to attack Anne's parents, they tame them and use them to fight Andrias' army. Marcy, held within Darcy's mind, is enticed by her fantasy world by Aldrich, but soon overcomes this when she realizes that her friends would not want this. Sasha and Grime fight Darcy, resulting in Grime's arm getting cut off. Andrias faces Anne for the fate of their world, but Mr. X translates Sprig's letter and he gets it to Andrias, revealing that it is from Leif who still cared about him. Andrias willingly lets Anne defeat him; revealing that he is part cyborg. Darcy plans to finish her plan, but Sasha slices the neural link and frees Marcy, though the helmet crawls away. The heroes transport the castle back to Amphibia and announce their victory, only to see the red moon heading towards the planet. 041b061a72


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