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The Name of the Rose is above average for a television film. I liked it a lot. I enjoyed the script, the pacing, and I thought it played out reasonably well. I'm going to sit here and say that I really didn't care too much for the performances, characterizations, or the direction. The story moves by way of exposition and the mysteries are explained as they are discovered. The world is a little too vague at times and there are more than a few loose ends in the story. I thought the script was well written and the action moved along well enough. The only things I really liked about the film are (1) the production value and (2) the casting of Turturro. Turturro is simply fantastic as William of Baskerville. Everett was a bit too much like his character in The American Pie, but that's a good thing. Everett could have been a little more sympathetic to the character. The supporting cast was adequate, but the leads were the real star. The only thing I didn't like was that the performances were so good that the entire cast was the star. It was like a sitcom. The name of the rosa doesn't translate very well to the screen. It's a movie and we don't have to be able to understand what anyone is saying (I know it's a big issue in some of the less well written television scripts) and we certainly don't have to understand what they are thinking. When I think of one of the stars, I think of the character, not the actor. I was also surprised that the age of the lead played by Turturro was so much younger than the time period of the story. I was expecting him to look older. But the problem was that Turturro wasn't playing an older William. William of Baskerville is depicted as young enough to be a college student. In fact, William is depicted as a very young man, much younger than he was, so his age is a problem. I get the sense that he was born in 1913 and ended up in 1955. That's fifteen years earlier than the story takes place. I think Turturro looked the part. I thought that he came across as very young, intelligent, and effusive (another good term). I'm not sure that I would have cast Turturro if I had known that he was this young. Everett played the character very well, but Everett is actually a lot older than he looks.

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